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Oort Clod Release New Album “Cult Value”- Out Now via Safe Suburban Home (UK) and Repeating Cloud (US) | Release Feature

April 5, 2024

Oort Clod Release New Album “Cult Value”

Out Now via Safe Suburban Home (UK)

and Repeating Cloud (US)

Discover the sounds of Manchester-based band Oort Clod. The band have released their new album “Cult Value” which is out now and available by Safe Suburban Home in the UK and Repeating Cloud in the US.

Oort Clod was originally conceived by songwriter Patrick Glen as a fluid project with shifting members. Over the course of pandemic-era practices above the empty Peer Hat pub (the epicentre of DIY music making in Manchester) the current line-up solidified of; Patrick Glen on guitar, and vocals as well as Matt Kings on guitar and vocals, Jack Carpenter on bass, Bruce Sargent on drums and vocals and finally Rhys Davies on keyboards.

The new record is described as having a sound which is hard to pun down, yet Oort Clod‘s most accessible and complete work so far. The band finds common ground in the alternative rock bands of the 1980s and 1990s, the post-punk and indie bands on Flying Nun Records and trashy compilations of
post-British Invasion 60s garage gems like Nuggets. All of which come through, warped by Oort Clod’s particular sensibility, on this record made at Delicious Clam studios in Sheffield under the watchful eye of Ed Crisp.

The new 11-track album captures this vast profile for the outfit, a collection of wholly unique compositions, alongside a special cover of American garage rock band ? and the Mysterians96 Tears“. Their vision throughout is unparalleled offering up these raucous and enigmatic arrangements.

This record immediately hooks you as the tempo and intensity of the releases and the presentation of each track simply hurtles you through this vivid array of standout arrangements. Bolting from the sharp opener “The Lake“, which sets the pace for the record as you embark on this adventurous journey and immerse yourselves into the resonating tones, plucky bass notes and abrasive crashes fusing with the bountiful vocal notes and the jaunty keys as the release shuffles towards this cathartic finale. The rapid opener pelts the listener immediately into the ferocious follow-up of “#7“, a truly anthemic garage-rock ripper. Within the first 5 minutes of this record, you understand and appreciate the masterful songwriting and fresh sound that Oort Clod has captured in “Cult Value”.

As the record flows, Oort Clod mitigates through this complex collection of alternating time signatures and this spiky appeal from the tones and the forte focus to the deeper cuts and melodic vocal delivery. The album title track simply shines, the darker tones shimmer with the vivid vocal notes and connective lyrics, sing along to the shithole line looped. This is absolutely the track that captures the whizzing nature of the outfit’s contagious energy.

“AC Reed” maximizes the space and volatility to create this mammoth arrangement of scratchy guitars and undeniable hooks, as you fixate on the infectious power of this track and the maximum scale of sound, it’s not long until this abrupt finale pushes you onto the faster and fuzzier “Paper Cuts”.

Elsewhere this record boasts this darting formation, the tracks sit perfectly against one another and adapt, to allow Oort Clod to delve further into their expressive take on such a rapturous appeal.

Oort Clod has produced an album that explores this adolescent nostalgia that meets punkish angst and power-pop ambition. There is a refreshing sense of freedom resonating from the album in its entirety, here is a band that ensures they are boundary-free as the compositions spring from one vision to another continuously captivating whilst boasting the band’s ability to deliver a vision which is unique, fun, and alluring.

“Cult Value” is an exhilarating record from start to finish, 11 tracks that are endlessly engrossing and sonically explosive- this album is a triumph. The world that Oort Clod weaves is one you wish to remain within.

Catch the band live this month:

Tour Dates
11 April: Morgan’s Bar, Manchester

12 April: LTB Showroom, Coventry

13th April: TBC Secret Show

14 April: The George, London

16 April: Delicious Clam, Sheffield

17 April: JT Soar, Nottingham

18 April: The Quarry, Liverpool

19 April: The Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow




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