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Efterklang Share New Single & Video “Getting Reminders” Ft. Beirut’s Zach Condon & Release New Documentary “Efterklang: The Makedonium Band”

March 20, 2024


Share new single & video “Getting Reminders”
  ft. Beirut’s Zach Condon
Release new documentary ‘Efterklang: The Makedonium Band’
Special show at London’s Barbican on Oct 5th

Efterklang return with their first new music since 2021, kicking off their next sonic chapter with “Getting Reminders”, a new single featuring Beirut’s Zach Condon on trumpet. The track is released alongside a new documentary ‘Efterklang: The Makedonium Band’ and news of live shows, including a special show at London’s Barbican on October 5th to celebrate forthcoming new music, as well as the band’s 20th anniversary.

“Getting Reminders” unfolds as as an intimate piece, with Casper Clausen‘s vocals and acoustic guitar taking the lead. It’s an exciting new sound for the ever-evolving band. Zach Condon’s trumpet beautifully contributes to the warm and captivating sonic tapestry.

“To me, ‘Getting Reminders’ is a flash of light, a domino effect of feelings from a simple reminder, like a photo, a word, or when we encounter love, that suddenly sets our minds free” explains Casper. “In reality, I feel a dark and highly politicised force tearing us apart, across land and culture. I feel like reminding myself that there’s a landscape that lives beyond and between us all, where we are free to cross and meet one another.”

The accompanying video creatively brings still photos from North Macedonia to life and was directed by Søren Lynggaard and Efterklang’s Casper Clausen. 

A truly stunning collaboration, capturing this wealth of affectionate attributes and sincere vocal harmonies. The track embarks on this intimate journey with the acoustic guitar notes gliding into action, rhythmically forming this resonating structure and allowing the ethereal vocal tones to shimmer amongst the compelling landscape. Zach brings his renowned trumpet tone and style into the exploration and enhances the warmth of this delicate ensemble. When the track plays out you long to be part of this heartfelt arrangement once more.

The single “Getting Reminders” coincides with new documentary by award-winning director Andreas Johnsen which follows the band as they spend a week in North Macedonia, assembling a group of local musicians to create a performance in front of the architecturally notable independence monument, Makedonium. A charming tour of the Macedonian music world and a fascinating insight into the creative process of the ever-exploring band,  ‘Efterklang: The Makedonium Band’ is currently having its world premiere screenings at the prestigious CPH:DOX film festival in Copenhagen, and will continue to be shown at film festivals across the world throughout this year – details below.

The documentary features a prominent role for “Getting Reminders”. In a poignant and memorable scene the song is performed live for a very attentive security guard in a shopping centre and, later on, also for the President of North Macedonia. Casper explains: We took Getting Reminders with us on our trip to North Macedonia for the Makedonium Band, where the song really started shaping itself, finding resonance, it became a sort of mysterious communication tool. We would play it to many people there, from shy teens to a confident president and perform it together with local musicians in front of their freedom monument; Makedonium (Ilinden Memorial).”

Since 2003, Efterklang have released a long list of acclaimed albums and toured internationally with their inclusive and experimental music, which innovatively blends elements of pop, indie-rock, post-rock, and electronic music. The group, consisting of Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg, has previously released the documentaries ‘An Island’ in collaboration with director Vincent Moon and ‘The Ghost of Piramida’ in collaboration with director Andreas Koefoed.

Screenings of ‘Efterklang: The Makedonium Band’:

20.03.2024: Cinemateket, Copenhagen, DK – CPH:DOX
21.03.2024: Grand Teatret, Copenhagen, DK – CPH:DOX
21.03.2024: Utzon Center, Aalborg, DK – DOX:DANMARK
21.03.2024: Nordre Fælleshus, Silkeborg, DK – DOX:DANMARK
22.03.2024: Haslev Bibliotek, DK – DOX:DANMARK
22.03.2024: Jac Mat Art Studio, Næstved, DK – DOX:DANMARK
23.03.2024: Huset Esbjerg, DK – DOX:DANMARK
23.03.2024: DR Koncerthuset, Copenhagen, DK – afternoon screening + concert – CPH:DOX
23.03.2024: DR Koncerthuset, Copenhagen, DK – evening screening + concert – CPH:DOX – sold out
26.03.2024: Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød, DK – DOX:DANMARK + mini trio concert
16.05.2024: Millenium Docs Against Gravity, Warsaw, PL

Efterklang will play London’s Barbican on October 5th 2024. More news and live dates to follow.

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