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Angharad Announces Debut Album “Motherland” Due March 1st via Libertino & Releases New Single “Hormone Called Love” | Release Feature

February 9, 2024

Angharad Announces Debut Album “Motherland” Due March 1st via Libertino

& Releases New Single “Hormone Called Love”

Angharad burst onto our radar at the start of summer last year, immediately uniting the sun’s return with such big, impacting disco-driven creations. Following three mighty single releases, Angharad has now announced details of the highly anticipated debut album “Motherland” which is due March 1st via Libertino Records.

Although Angharad is an experienced musician, perhaps best known as part of the revivalist Welsh folk band Calan, “Motherland” represents her first foray into songwriting – something which has long been an ambition. “I’ve always felt like I had a lot to say , but I presumed that someone else somewhere would be saying the same things. It took me so long to realise nobody else can tell my story .”

However, it was the double isolation of experiencing early motherhood during Covid lockdowns that finally made her pull on this songwriting thread. “I’ve always collaborated with others when it comes to music, but lockdown forced me to work alone. I’ve written melodies in the past, but never lyrics. I began with making up songs to get my daughter Tanwen to sleep, and then I’d find myself fine-tuning them during daily walks with her in the pram, or making up new ones. I’d never sung before but, after becoming a mother , finding my voice was both a necessity and a gift.”

Speaking of the creation of the record, “Motherland” was written within six months, and was an outpouring of self-expression on becoming a mother for the first time. The album intentionally contains multitudes because that is what motherhood is like. It’s a brightly layered celebration of parenthood, but it also includes a seam of grief for an old life that has been lost forever – a discordant phenomenon that many parents will recognise.

To celebrate the news, Angharad has released a new track titled “Hormone Called Love“, listen to the joyous release below:

Angharad has this compelling ability to produce fearless creations, unafraid to limit herself within her words, those words are what bring each musical arrangement to life. There is such an abundance of affection running through the lyrical course and the dynamic vocal attributes that surround “Hormone Called Love”. This track simply dazzles.

With the percussive claps and the layered harmonies inviting the audience into this vivid release, the track sweeps into this joyous and soulful movement. Finely crafted grooves distinguish the infectious structure for the intimate lyrics to hit and ricochet from, further adding to the affectionate appeal of this release. At just shy of 3 minutes, this release takes the audience on this danceable voyage that feels longer due to the explosive nature of the words and the instrumentation.

Upbeat electric guitar rhythms, sweltering into formation and channelling the optimism of the energy. The strings elevate the passionate landscape whilst giving a direct breakdown to the next transition, welcoming the dramatic yet soulful horn additions.

Angharad has set out to flood this visionary arrangement with charm, compassion and a sunny disposition all found within the brighter melodies. It’s so easy to connect to the heart that Angharad laces her work with. The confidence from the lyrics assists in the shaping of this immense, emotive, anthemic composition.

Angharad has created a state of confluency between rhythm, texture, harmony and motherhood- the apt title for the debut record.

If there was ever a song to sum up my recent journey into songwriting and motherhood, it would be this. This is a feel-good song about music and love. It’s about all those gorgeous, juicy hormones we need to bond with one another, make love and… give birth! Oxytocin is often referred to as the love hormone. Along with endorphins and adrenaline, the body creates quite a potent concoction of chemicals during labour.

I practised for birth like I would practise for a gig. Instead of scales and arpeggios, I’d be doing my breathing exercises, my visualisations, my meditations. I took my labour as serious as my music. And it paid off. I had the most wonderful, un-assisted home births – twice – all through the power of hypnobirthing.

I soon realised in the first few days and weeks of my daughter’s life, that the only way to communicate with a newborn baby is to sing to them. Singing became a way not only to soothe and entertain my baby, but myself too. This is one of those songs that popped out postpartum, when reflecting on birth and motherhood.

Without oxytocin, the world would be a love-less place. Cwtsh up to your loved ones, and make music people!” – Angharad

Motherland Tracklist

1. Motherland
2. Postpartum
3. Little baby embryo
4. I don’t know how
5. Don’t burn bridges
6. Because I’m a woman
7. Hey, there’s always the night
8. Time, time again
9. Hormone called love
10. Every inch of you
11. Hwiangerdd Tanwen
12. Babi ni

All songs written by Angharad Jenkins, and arranged by Aeddan Williams.
Produced by Aeddan Williams, Samuel Barnes and Angharad Jenkins.
Engineered and mixed by Samuel Barnes.
Mastered by Charlie Francis.
Photographs by Laurentina Miksys
Design by Jon Safari

Angharad Jenkins: lead vocals, violin
Aeddan Williams: double bass, electric bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals,
Alex Burch: drum kit, backing vocals (track 12)
John Close: electric guitar, double bass, electric bass, backing vocals (track 12)
Michael Blanchfield: piano, hammond, backing vocals (track 12)
Samuel Barnes: backing vocals, percussion
Strings (tracks 3, 5, 6, 10, 11)
Angharad Jenkins: violin
Aneirin Jones: violin
Haz Thomas: viola
Jordan Price-Williams: cello
Horns (tracks 2, 5, 6, 7, 9)
Ted Smith: trumpet
Rachel Head: alto sax (as above and track 10), backing vocals (track 12)
Joe Northwood: tenor sax

Pre-Save Motherland

Pre-order the record – https://thisisangharad.bandcamp.com/album/motherland



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