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Locate S, 1 Announces New Album “Wicked Jaw” Out 28th July 2023 on Captured Tracks

May 31, 2023
 credit Ebru Yildiz

Locate S, 1

Announces new album, Wicked Jaw
Out 28th July 2023 on Captured Tracks

Locate S,1 (aka Christina Schneider) announces the forthcoming full-length Wicked Jaw, due for release July 28, 2023 on Captured Tracks. From teddy grahams to pussy hats, California forest fires to cash cabs, the stuff of American nostalgia and horror adorns a personal reckoning on Christina Schneider’s triumphant third album as Locate S,1.

With the announcement comes the lead single, the deceptively breezy power-poppy album opener “You Were Right About One Thing” accompanied by a playful video directed by Tristan Scott-Behrends that takes cues from the noir of the album’s namesake, filtered through day-glo camp sensibilities à la John Waters and Pedro Almodóvar.

Christina captures an immense range of hooks, melodies and emotive acclamation in this enthralling composition. A striking release that captivates from the get-go and showcases this vast scale of infectious characteristics and expressive vocal attributes. The release conveys this mighty journey which shifts into an individualistic amalgamation of other genres and influences whilst still embracing this refreshing and innovative sound.

Christina Schnieder shares: “The deepest psychic injuries can come from a lover that you trust more than you trust yourself. You give them full access to your soul, and suddenly you can only understand yourself in their terms, in relation to them. This song is about finding your own truth through the untangling of resentment and gratitude.”
With regard to the video, she adds: “Tristan and I instantly connected over our love for Pedro Almodovar, John Waters, and film noir. Tristan had the brilliant idea to combine all three influences to create this colorful celebration of camp. I wanted to play both sides of a deadly romance, because this song comes from different parts of myself that feel diametrically opposed. There’s a part that feels unfairly wounded, and a part that feels complicit. When I say ‘you were right about one thing’ – I’m grateful and resentful in equal measure. Sincere but salty. As my own victim and villain, there can be no victory in this war. The only way forward is to integrate.”
Director Tristan Scott-Behrends shares: “Gender is a thing I continue to explore in my work. I believe that we all contain the masculine and feminine, there is a power in manifesting it visually. When ignored that duality can create a lot of conflict but embracing it and honoring both sides can be powerful. Christina is such a talented actor and was able to slide into these different characters effortlessly. We wanted to create a world that felt familiar yet unknown. The world often feels so heavy these days that even when confronting themes that can be more serious I think it’s ok to be a little playful and silly too.”

Wicked Jaw Cover Artwork, painting by Lauren Birke 

Album Preorder:


1. You Were Right About One Thing
 2. Go Back to Disnee
 3. Pieta
 4. Heart Attack
 5. The Hard Way
 6. Danielle
 7. Have You Got It Yet?
 8. Blue Meaniez
 9. Daffodil
10. Wicked Jaw


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