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Gillie Returns With New Single “Llawn” – Out Now via Libertino | Single Special

April 19, 2023
Photo by Finlay O’Hara

Gillie Returns With New Single “Llawn”

Out Now via Libertino

Following the success of single i ti’, a song that announced a new beginning and a new creative chapter for Gillie, now the musician has returned with the enthralling follow-up single ‘Llawn’. 

With this new single, Gillie who also produces and records her own music wanted to “Sonically explore something that felt both rhythmically uncertain, and free, with builds and small releases of tension throughout”

Thematically Gillie explains the background to the song: “‘Llawn’ centres around the feeling of your life changing due to external factors/other people’s control over decisions, and finding a safe place for yourself within this. The idea that someone has power over you whilst you’re in a vulnerable state is interesting to me, and when I was writing this song, I had an image of someone force feeding me these ‘changes’, hence the opening lyrics. It’s also about finding freedom in uncertainty and practicing resilience, trying to find warmth in the present and embrace ambiguity.”

The luscious landscape commences and immediately hooks the audience. This bed of addictive tones loops to bring this essential, ambitious agitation to the progression of this release. Deeply connected by the ethereal yet expressive vocal notes and rich emotive elements resonating from the lyrics and the vocal direction. Gillie sustains the forceful inflictions when the instrumentation shifts and the intensity peaks, the listener harnesses the powerful attributes.

This artist embraces this sincerity within their vision, that refreshing honesty and awareness of the textures and compelling melody becomes this foundation for all to cling to. This recipe of fragility and melodic hooks add this distinctive charm to “Llawn”.





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