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Mylar Releases New Single “Ghost Of The Party” – From Sophomore EP “Human Statues” Out via Blue Flowers on March 30th

March 4, 2023
Credit- Holly Whitaker

Mylar Releases New Single Ghost Of The Party” 

From Sophomore EP Human Statues, Out via Blue Flowers on March 30th

London art-pop quartet Mylar share track “Ghost Of The Party” from their sophomore EP Human Statues which was announced last month. 

The woozy 2000s-pop flavored “Ghost Of The Party” follows “Hobby Horse” and “Stay Close” with the EP due out on March 30th via Blue Flowers


The track “starts out as an anti-party song, inspired by the ‘they don’t know I’m…’meme. The narrator wonders ‘why do I feel like a ghost here, why can’t I just have a good time?’” explain the band.

“The arc of the song is basically realizing these worries are yours alone and don’t reflect what other people think. You just need to let go in spite of yourself and listen to some triumphant 4×4 beats. Musically we were inspired by all those summery guitar parts and twinkly keys you heard in UK garage and Neptunes tracks growing up, that people still love. Maybe that’s because of nostalgia for a simpler time. It’s joyful, but there’s an underlying melancholy to it which seems to always be the case with big party songs.”

The delicate melody soon establishes itself and becomes to loop through the tender atmosphere, becoming the foundation for the eclectic attributes to resonate from and form further intricate yet essential tweaks and twists. Whilst the vocal notes come into play and allow this raw yet affectionate movement to score the exploration.

There’s a sense of minimalism through this release which cements itself as critical, focusing on few beats and few textures that ultimately emphasize this stirring arrangement, before all notes unite, elongate, and eventually cathartically soar through the final passages of this immersive creation. The emotional current through the journey of this ensemble help to capture a true human spirit, something we can all connect to, and this wise touch to the early 2000s that pulls through from the tonality, allows this air of freedom to cascade through each listen.

The EP Human Statues was inspired by an incident after a gig in Portsmouth when someone asked the band “why are you all so tall, are you Dutch?” It’s also a reference to living statues, characters in the songs who seem removed from society but are also seeking our attention. “Hopefully it shows us growing as musicians, pushing towards more of a live sound that still has something uncanny and synthetic about it” the band say.

Mylar dropped “Plastic Champ” in early 2022—an exemplary breakout single satirizing the fragility of inherited forms of masculinity—before releasing debut EP Elsewhere that April. Their music drew early praise from Notion, Clash, Brooklyn Vegan, The New Cue, The Independent, The Sunday Times, The Line of Best Fit, Disco Naïveté and many others. 

Mylar’s first EP for the acclaimed London label Blue Flowers (Elsewhere) explored the universality of vulnerability and feelings of being trapped by the relentless flow of time or circumstances. Both EPs were mixed in Spain by Iñaki de las Cuevas. 

Mylar is made up of Tom Clark (guitar, synth), Rob Janke (drums, backing vocals) Neraj Thangarajah (guitar, keys, vocals) and Tom Short (keys, bass, vocals). 


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