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The Ghost Of Helags Return With Stunning New Single “Looking For Mary”- Out Now | Single Special

February 24, 2023

The Ghost Of Helags Return With Stunning New Single “Looking For Mary”

Out Now

It’s been two years since The Ghost Of Helags released their standout album “We Came From The Stars”. Fast forward to today and the pair are back with their exhilarating new single “Looking For Mary”, out February 24th and streaming below. The wait was absolutely worth it, what a triumphant return.

For 4 years we’ve followed the progression of this outfit and its formidable catalogue, John Alexander Ericson and Teresa Woischis consistently prove they create the most energetic and immersive soundscapes. With their new single “Looking For Mary”, the pair welcome the audience into the flurry of their glimmering, electro-dream-pop world.

Commencing with the fierce electronic waves and fast tempo, crisp, precise beats, the dazzling notes shine through the complex world, your first introduction to the creation and you are hooked. Then the tantalizing, powerful vocal notes create this affectionate and moving attribute to the composition. The Ghost Of Helags provides this cinematic pop masterpiece.

This quick-paced, enigmatic exploration provides sweeping changes and dynamic shifts throughout, the flawless intensity keeps at the highest of peaks throughout this ambitious creation. Fixated on the flourishing landscape, when the track fades out the re-introduction to silence feels different, you wish to be back in the world of these musicians once more.

The song was written during a road trip in Italy and later finished at a studio in Berlin. The original idea to Looking For Mary arrived one morning outside the famous techno club Tresor in Berlin. Alex started talking to a stranger that was very open about their drug addiction and issues, just to suddenly disappear into the night. “I sometimes wonder what happened to this individual and those questions sparked the idea for a song”.

Welcome back, what a mighty return this is.

The new track is out now via Warsaw Recordings.



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