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Frankie Rose Shares New Single & Video “Sixteen Ways” – Taken From Forthcoming New Album “Love As Projection” due March 10th via Night School Records & Slumberland Records

February 1, 2023
Photo credit: Esme Rogers Smith


Shares new single & video “Sixteen Ways”
Album ‘Love As Projection’ due March 10th via Night School Records

New York-based Frankie Rose will release her new album ‘Love As Projection‘ on March 10th via Night School Records. Now she is sharing her new single “Sixteen Ways” alongside a video created by Scott Kiernan.

Rose said “Sixteen Ways” is about “Counting the ways that things can unexpectedly fall apart on you before anything has even happened. It’s about getting your hopes up, but simultaneously making lists in your head about how it will never work out in your favour.”

On the video, Rose added “I wanted to make a dance video choreographed by 80s Baby (Neil Shwartz) but with the ESPTV (Scott Kiernan) aesthetic. I trusted them completely and just let them create a world for me. The result is a video that feels like a fever dream in the black lodge complete with my very own machine elves.”

This tonality immediately shimmers, and can compare the nostalgic magical touch to that of Tears For Fears, Frankie Rose puts a contemporary, honest spin on such 80’s inspired synth notes. What a remarkable new release, capturing the vivid imagination of this artist, the second track unveiled and every bit as addictive and essential as the first track “Anything” which we shared last month.

A truly hypnotic and ambitious ensemble delivering such an intoxicating atmosphere that has been carefully built on the shimmering effects and mesmeric loops. Once again Frankie Rose captures this classic appeal amongst the dynamic soundscape. The melodies stir this hooking momentum to the movement and the audience. A track destined for Sixteen Ways of greatness and a look at Rose’s ability to form such credible euphoric ensembles.

We’ve been featuring this artist since 2017 and the progression in the abundance of captivating compositions is something else.

Love As Projection is the new album by Frankie Rose, her fifth studio LP and second for Night School Records following the reissue of her interpretation of The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds. Frankie Rose has forged an enviable musical legacy, from playing with bands like Crystal Stilts and The Vivian Girls but on Love As Projectionshe takes a bold step into electronic pop production. A sumptuous recorded statement, it dances in ecstasy and broods on the tumult of the western world’s decay in equal proportion. At the heart of the album is glowing, confident songwriting, resplendent in hooks and choruses but still touched with an optimism undimmed.

After spending nearly two decades establishing herself across New York and Los Angeles independent music circles, Rose re-emerges after six years with a fresh form, aesthetic, and ethos. Celebrated over the years for her expansive approach to songwriting, lush atmospherics, and transcendent vocal melodies and harmonies, Love As Projection is a reintroduction of her established style through the lens of contemporary electronic pop. Recorded with producer Brandt Gassman and mixed with long-term collaborator Jorge Elbrecht this is the album Frankie Rose has been building up to her entire career.

Painstakingly written, recorded, and engineered through some of the most tumultuous times in history, this new collection of songs harnesses the power and propulsion of Frankie’s early DIY-centric punk days without losing sight of the immersive, dreamlike world-building she’s been known for in recent years. Her love of new wave hooks and post-punk drive remain omnipresent, elevated by her utilization of modern production and an improved, polished palate of state-of-the-art instrumentation.

The album title is a comment on society in the modern day, the idea that we are tricked into believing everything is fine and that “love will win”, but in reality it’s a smokescreen hiding the fact people are struggling to get their basic needs met. In the words of Frankie Rose herself, “This album is about having to focus our collective energies on the small things around that we can control to find joy. A distraction from the the larger systemic problems that feel so overwhelming and are so very out of our collective hands… for now…”

More than a rebirth, a refinement, a resurgence, Love As Projection boasts a widescreen scope: a long-form project heavily considered for half of a decade, culminating in the most personal and accessible collection of art-pop that Frankie has ever written. 

Love As Project tracklist:
1. Sixteen Ways
2. Anything
3. Had It Wrong
4. Saltwater Girl
5. Feel Light
6. DOA
7. Sleeping Night And Day
8. Molotov In Stereo
9. Come Back
10. Song For A Horse


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