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Twin Stranger Releases New Single ” Pirouette” – Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co | Single Feature

September 23, 2022

Twin Stranger Releases New Single ” Pirouette”

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Company

Over the last couple of years, we’ve throroughly enjoyed watching and hearing the progression of Twin Stranger as they continue to release some lasting arrangements. Now the outfit is back and have released their new single “Pirouette” via Rose Parade Recording Company, the single was released September 21st and is streaming below.

Described as a shining example of their distinctive take on modern power pop, blending 80s/90s new wave sounds and chorus-kissed guitars. Led by Alex McConnachie’s explorative approach to songwriting, Pirouette was conceived from demo guitar riffs and bass lines inspired by Gentle Giant, early-80s Rush and Neil Young, lyrically topped-off with streams of consciousness captured over morning coffees, and recorded at Stompbox as a live band.

Immediately, the rich and vibrant tones consume the audience, the passages so mighty and infectious radiating that nod to the 80s and the reflective notes also capture the influence of the early 90s. Within the tonality, this elevated dynamism lifts the atmosphere and brings this immersive bounce to the release, as the shuffles progress the vocal harmonies soar amongst the textures and add this affectionate touch to the exploration. Lyrically this personal touch fuses with the complex structure, bringing big notes to collide with the delicate story.

With “Pirouette”, Twin Stranger find their sound and their ability to produce a release with this classic essence, a track ultimately embracing this timeless feel. The new single marks yet another expressive composition from this band, a single release that relishes in its vast size and intense power, hit repeat.

“Pirouette is about finally feeling confident again after a period of reflection and being a bit of an introvert. It’s about feeling a sense of release,” explains Alex. The new single marks the 3rd single release in the last 2 years. Within that time frame, the band has enjoyed recognition from BBC Introducing and coverage from the likes of KROQ and SiriusXM.




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