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Joyeria Announces Debut EP “FIM” Due 14th October on Speedy Wunderground & Share New Single

August 1, 2022
Alex Evans 


Announces Debut EP, FIM Due 14th October on Speedy Wunderground

Shares new single “Colour Film”

Playing London’s Sebright Arms with Moreish Idols on 12th August

Speedy Wunderground are excited to announce FIM (EP), the debut EP from London-via-Canada’s Joyeria (pronounced Joy-a-ree-a), due 14th October 2022 (preorder here).

Joyeria’s FIM (EP) is what happens when a Canadian spends his adult life patiently crafting his own path as a songwriter in London instead of following his heroes and peers in search of an assumed authenticity in Austin or Nashville. It’s what happens when a stubbornly solo artist finds a true collaborator in a producer like Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey. It’s what happens after a songwriter has worked hard for a long time in the dark, looking for lighting in a bottle — and finds it.

Joyeria shares new EP cut, “Colour Film”, following previous singles “Here Comes Trouble” and “Wild Joy”. 

He says of the single: “‘Colour Film’ is about the mindless daily routine of being alive, what David Foster Wallace called “water”.  I apparently have the ability to choose how I feel or think as I participate in being alive just as I can choose how I feel and think when I explain songs which is to say at times, very uneasy. But this song is also about worry beads, American G.I.’s running fighter pilot drills over Mediterranean islands, stray cats, ice creams and falling rotten oranges. “Like I said, I’m in a colour film, in fact we might all be.”

Seconds into the new single, the journey embarks on one seriously explosive shift. This unpredictable and unruly release captivates. The gritty voyage keeps the audience mesmerized on the adventure throughout.

Complex, raw and abrasive tones build up the immersive landscape, as the instrumentation gathers momentum, the exploration emits impressive rhythms which meander through intense bursts, accompanied by the drum shuffles, persistent swipes, and abrasive smashes of the kit. The beats collide with the ferocious energy, bolted by the biting emphasis of the bass and the mighty low end. As the exploration proudly boasts the vast soundscape, the brooding vocal notes offer this visceral journey within the lyrics. The vocal tonality adds clarity, affection and character to the composition.


12th August – Sebright Arms, London – Moreish Idols EP Launch

24th September – YES (The Basement), Manchester

EP Preorder:

1. Wild Joy
2. Death
3. Colour Film
4. Performance Review
5. Decisions
6. 9 to 5


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