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Van Houten Release New Single ‘IDK’ via CLUE Records

July 13, 2021
Photo Credit: Sam Joyce

Van Houten Release New Single ‘IDK’ via CLUE Records

Leeds lo-fi dream rockers Van Houten emerge back onto the scene with carefree new song ‘IDK’, released via Clue Records. The release will also form a double-A-side 7” as part of a package for record subscription service Flying Vinyl

Self described as “slacker pop with a cherry on top”, Van Houten’s newest offering perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a late and lazy summer afternoon. Layering warm, tape-warped guitars against gently hushed vocals, watery organs and a lilting guitar lead that sounds as if at any moment it could melt and give way under the heat of a heavy August sun. In this way it heralds the gentle psychedelia of a Chris Cohen or Mac Demarco song whilst remaining inherently its own.  

Lyrically the song depicts the early adult disenchantment of a twenty-something trying to figure life out after a long and lonely year spent isolating inside. Its introspective honesty shines through in the first verse: “I got lost inside the mirror again”, depicting a life lived within the confines of a bedroom with nothing left to do but stare at one’s reflection and wonder what the hell is going on. 

 “It’s about feeling stuck in some kind of cycle and reluctantly accepting the fact that you have no real control over what is next. I think this past year and the feelings felt around this really inspired the feeling of being at the mercy of the world around me and not the other way around.” 

IDK’ is an intimate listening experience, like reading a diary entry you shouldn’t be, or accidentally stumbling across the notes app in somebody else’s phone. Despite the sobering lyrics, it never loses its playful and dreamlike sensibilities.  

This complex and mighty sweeping melody emerges and instantly determines this intoxicating intensity which captures the audience’s attention from start to finish. The new release is all-consuming. A thick and rich complex bed of lush textures all dazzle amongst this hypnotic creation whilst the brooding vocal melodies propel that hypnotic notion. Van Houten have perfected their ability to craft a fine display of hazy guitars and plush tones, the intimate vocal journey adds this harrowing influence amongst this vintage lo-fi creation.

Van Houten have already seen support from BBC Radio 1BBC 6 MusicKCRW and Amazing Radio to date, and have opened for indie heavyweights Jay Som and BDRMM. Festival appearances include The Great Escape and Live At Leeds, and they aren’t about to slow down, having already sold out the Belgrave Music Hall in under 24 hours, where they’ll debut some more new tracks.

IDK’ is the new single from Van Houten and is out now via CLUE Records



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