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koleżanka Shares New Single ‘A Mouthful’ – Debut Album “Place Is” due This Friday via Bar/None

July 27, 2021
Image by Athena Merry


New single ‘A Mouthful’ shared

Debut album Place Is due this Friday via Bar/None

koleżanka is sharing her final single before the release of her Bar/None Records debut, Place Is, this Friday, 30th July. Pre-order here:

A Mouthful‘, the opening track on koleżanka’s new album, is an introduction to Kristina Moore’s brutally honest explorations of the mentally, emotionally, and physically exacting experience of precarity. Moore delves into her experience working in the service industry, the unacceptable intrusions of men in public, and a particularly harrowing experience that she details below.

“This one describes a general apathy and isolation while coming off the high of a tour and finally settling into a new city. Working as a server and falling into the classic New York industry habit of spending most of my earned money in bars. I often like to sit in a bar alone with my thoughts, but inevitably find myself warding off some weird dude who thinks my being alone is an invitation. The second verse is about a particular event. I was working at a toxic place where we were forced into doubles all weekend. On an incredibly stressful night, the owner lost it and threw a chef’s knife into the dish pit, and it ricocheted off and almost went through my skull. I didn’t have time to eat all day, and felt so helpless that I ended up drinking myself into oblivion that night on an empty stomach and had to be carried down the stairs of my building from the roof.” – Kristina Moore on ‘A Mouthful’

koleżanka · A Mouthful

“A Mouthful” starts with this playful lead rhthm which soon founds this intricate path set amongst the drum shuffles and the etheral yet striking vocal melodies. The new release shows these powerful range to the artists’ catalogue and confirms the forthcoming album will certainly become a must-hear, if not timeless record. koleżanka has this controlling manner with their immersive and dynamic vocal range and the crushing atmopshere brings this upbeat flair and expressive attitude


A Mouthful
Vegan Sushi
7th St / 7th Ave
In A Meeting
Words for No One
The Offensive
The Mountain

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