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Stone Giants Shares New Single “Metropole” Taken From Debut Album “West Coast Love Stories” due 2nd July via Nomark Label

May 26, 2021
Stone Giants image, supplied by Nomark

Stone Giants, the new alias of Amon Tobin, shares the new single “Metropole”

Taken from the debut West Coast Love Stories, arriving on 2nd July on his Nomark label

Stone Giants – the new alias of electronic musician Amon Tobin – shares the second single “Metropole” from the debut album West Coast Love Stories, arriving 2nd July on his Nomark label. “Metropole” is both familiar and distant. Alluring but bathed in seductive menace. A siren song for these uncertain days.

 Amon comments, “In this song a feeling is real but impossible to put into words. If anything words get in the way and make things harder to understand.” – Amon Tobin 

This dramatic electronic cadence of pulsating beats and experimental reverb-laden vocals provide this mighty force to push the instrumentation on to its developing journey. An explosive creation from start to finish, you’ll be pulled into the intricate soundscape filled with ardent progressive detailing and robust lyrical attachment.

About West Coast Love Stories For 25 years Tobin has explored sound from unique and unconventional directions, and with Stone Giants he swerves again. His Nomark label has unleashed Only Child Tyrant‘s dark-rock electronica, and Figueroa took a dive into psych-folk, and came up smiling. Stone Giants celebrates the relationship between voice and machine from an altogether different perspective – humans and electronics pooling resources to explore themes of love and being none the wiser for it. 

West Coast Love Stories celebrates the powerful, funny, frustrating emotion that love is, in all it’s hopeful and damned glory. To that Tobin adds, “Being exposed feels important when love stories are involved. After all, we need to risk making fools of ourselves if we’re to connect in any meaningful way.”  As the album title suggests, each song is like a chapter of the same story threaded together, yet distinct from one piece to the next. On West Coast Love Stories there are also sparks of krautrock and surf rock filtered through Amon’s singular electronic composition. A range of influences can also be heard, from Brian Wilson, Laurie Anderson, Elliot Smith, Kraftwerk, Simon & Garfunkel, and Soft Machine.  

Stone Giants is both self-contained and inexorably linked to Amon’s other aliases, as Amon concludes,“There are no side projects on Nomark. Everything continues to develop in parallel and everything has its own identity, but it also cross pollinates and one thing informs the other.” He continues, “Each one is as vital to me as the other. Nomark is every ounce of my creative energy given freedom to explore disparate passions deeply and over time. Each alias is cocooned for between 6-10 years before it’s grown enough to release. This last alias, ‘Stone Giants’ is a milestone because now we all turn forwards and develop in tandem.”

Cover artwork by JR Korpa


West Coast Love Stories


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