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M Field Share New Single “Leafy Outlook” + Announces Headline Show at Moth Club London

May 8, 2021
photo credit: Jarred Figgins
M Field Share Second Single “Leafy Outlook”
Co-Produced by Bullion
+ Announces Headline Show at Moth Club, London 13th October

Cape Town based artist Matthew Field shares a second track, “Leafy Outlook” under his solo alias M Field. It follows his debut release “Gargoyle” released in March with support from Fader, NPRi-DClashThe IndependentThe Times and more.
Both tracks are previews of yet-to-be-decided larger body of music that features co-production by Bullion over jittery broadband connections and a torrent of file sharing between different ends of the earth.
Field started “Leafy Outlook” after reading an advert to describe a flat in Cape Town; “I had looked at lots of places and become familiar with concepts like ‘old world charm’ and ‘renovator’s dream’, which I guess could be songs too, but ‘leafy outlook’ stood out,” he says.
He didn’t end up moving in, but felt inspired to finish the initial song idea back in his family home during the first lockdown where ‘leafy outlook’ accrued new references.
“I was aware that the song had been quite ‘worked on’, and embraced that,” Field explains.
“I added even more stuff and changed keys and things. Frustrated after messing up a vocal take I muttered something annoyedly while still recording. I embraced that too and recorded a bunch more takes of me talking to myself, becoming less frustrated as I did so.”

Leafy Outlook completely consumes you. This enigmatic creation captivates your full attention and alters your mood whilst it elevates you throughout. In its entirety this ethereal instrumentation whisks you away to its own unique world, you join the exploration in the height of the meaningful melody and intricate elements. The dreamy vocal notes emit such emotion and channel this tender essence into the core of the track.
Anyone familiar with Matthew Field will know that staying in one lane isn’t really what he does. As the driving creative force behind Beatenberg, he’s helped shape a whole new music lexicon. Over two albums, the Cape Town-based trio alchemised a new global sound, fusing modern pop production with complex rhythms, lilting indie rock and folk. His work with South African pop maverick Tresor, meanwhile, showed he could take his magpie approach and ear for a winning melody into a whole new sphere.
This rich melting pot over the years has created one of the most interesting and unique voices in modern music. A voice that has produced South Africa’s biggest ever airplay hit (“Pluto”) and won seven SA music awards for their 2014 debut, The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg. The band subsequently made appearances on Jimmy Fallon and Jools Holland
Under M Field, he takes his songwriting to another sonic world, one’s that lusher, richer and even easier to sink into and get lost in than ever before. 
He also makes all his own visuals. In the video to “Gargoyle” he pushes a massive block of ice around his neighbourhood, whilst “Leafy Outlook” sees him documenting the punishing consistency of lockdown.
“In the end I can say that I am glad I made this song the way I did,” says Field.
“It’s funny, I’m not a particularly joyful person in real life. I’m sure most people wouldn’t think of me as a smiley person but that is something I’m drawn to in music.”
Leafy Outlook” is out now on the Leafy Outlook label. A bigger body of work expected to be announced shortly.
M Field will play his first UK show, a headline at Moth ClubLondon 13th October. Tickets are on sale from today here.

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