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Introducing Lionel Boy – New Single & Video “Flower Girl” Out Now via Innovative Leisure

March 7, 2021
Photo credit: Basil Vargas


Shares new single & video “Flower Girl”
Out now via Innovative Leisure
Debut album coming soon

Introducing Hawaiian artist Lionel Boy, who is sharing his new single & video “Flower Girl” out now via Innovative Leisure.

The song’s cool and melodic bass lines slow things down, creating a mood that allows you take a deep breath and simply enjoy the moment. Lionel Boy tells us “This was the first track that Jonny Bell and I worked on. It’s about watching someone close to you become who they’re meant to be. I get to witness my partner grow everyday and succeed in places that bring her joy. It feels a lot like watching a flower blossom. She’s my flower girl.” 

Flower Girl” is seriously impressionable, intoxicating waves of intricate electronic elements with this dreamy vocal harmony pushing the progression of this vision further. The ethereal atmosphere created for this ensemble is out of this world. Providing this powerful vibe that will connect to its audience and leave its mark. This arrangement harnesses the power of intimacy and yet propels that into a far-reaching hemisphere.

Lionel Boy carefully adapts their impulsive nature into their infectious attitude that emits from the core of this dazzling and hypnotising arrangement. This is an artist with the world at their feet and rightly so.

It’s the first new music from the Hawaiian native since his debut Who Is Dovey EP was released last year. The EP served a perfect introduction to Lionel Boy’s sound and included songs “Lately,” “Summer Fun”, “Are You Happy Yet” and “Lost,” a song which The FADER described as “a detuned slacker-pop song that builds to a satisfyingly down-tempo guitar hook.”

Native to Hawaii and now living in Long Beach, his sound mixes spacey synthesizers, impromptu breakbeats & bedroom pop. Today’s sonic offering will be featured on his debut album which is expected soon. Watch this space.

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