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Acetate Fall Releases Debut EP “remote with static” | Release Feature

March 30, 2021

Acetate Fall Releases New EP “remote with static”

Paul of Massa Circles has been working on this impressive debut solo record throughout lockdown, with limitations on the work Massa Circles could put together, Paul has now released this new 5 track EP under the moniker of Acetate Fall.

The new EP was unveiled March 16th and consists of five tracks, titled ‘remote with static’. The record is described as a collection of synthesiser, noise and repetitive melody. Recorded live without overdubs. Oscillators modulate one another to produce deep textures, punctuated by noise and feedback while loosely bound via repetitive melodic phrases. Acetate Fall released the EP on a limited run of cassettes with this stunning artwork by Cathy May.

“Cloaked” commences the releases, a fierce orchestral piece built on this evolving synth-wave, this somewhat devious tone breaks out of the soundscape and hooks the audience. Anguish overcomes the bars towards the finale of this piece, seemingly capturing this heavier breath to the composition. The textures alternate and provide this gripping sawing tone that becomes this powerful pattern and moves the intensity on its own. This piece feels natural despite its manipulated core, the notes dazzle and the atmosphere controls the mood of its audience. As “Cloaked” dips off to the final few bars, this white-noise-background-static provides the cutting end.

“Flora” follows, the aura already differentiates itself from the opener. The building notes against the warping background gets under your skin and feels as if it’s entering your nervous system. That’s the power that Acetate Fall effortlessly conveys within these brutalist modular notes. By moulding those modular effects into such an expressive piece the instrumentation soon gathers this complex character. What starts off as a subtle synthesized sound soon adapts into elongated and sustained notes providing this hypnotizing manner. The powerful surging sound drops and welcomes in space and silence, quite a contrast in this crescendo.

That comforting analogue warmth commences immediately from the first bars of “Operator’. The track accumulates this menacing feedback filled with distinct tones, a sense of fragility, and this controlled power surging to push through the initial barriers of this release. The powerful build of this composition is truly crucial as a stark sense of urgency permeates from the soaring ensemble.

“Systole” is the longest piece on the record and starts with the piercing static notes adding this key character to the vision. This is the arrangement where the structure allows the energy to seep in where possible. Somehow the melody that steals focus in this creation emits its own beautiful form of melancholia. The sumptuous array of fuzz that hits the audience in this arrangement becomes this bold, then this repeated loop adds this distinct layer to the release and shifts the attitude by allowing a lighter rhythm and tone to emerge.

Finally the record ends with “Gathering”, the dense environment from “Systole” feels further away from the final track. The ambiance opens to an ethereal backdrop, the crushing compositions that went before have lifted from the end piece. The final track feels more fragile, raw. As the release heads into climatic territories, the melody resonates and allows for a cathartic finale to a challenging exploration.

This record provides such an immersive exploration in its entirety. This musician builds such commendable structures that seamlessly incorporate natural fusions of organic textures against the resilient electric surges. Utterly expressive, “remote with static” provides a connection between the repetitive loops and rhythmic synths and the emotional adaption their notes bring once the chaos is contained.

A record that allows minimalism to take centre stage whilst still delivering this wealth of diversity and depth.

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