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Still Corners Set To Release New Album “The Last Exit” 22nd January via Wrecking Light Records | Album Review

January 14, 2021
Bernard Bur

Still Corners Set To Release New Album “The Last Exit” 22nd January via Wrecking Light Records

Album Review

Still Corners are set to release their highly-anticipated fifth album The Last Exit 22nd January 2021 via Wrecking Light Records.  

Still Corners are easily one of the most captivating outfits out there. With each composition they release, they showcase their ability to effortlessly create a hypnotic movement through their enriching and lasting orchestrations. Their forthcoming album will absorb your full attention and lift you into this ethereal world that Still Corners magically muse up within their vision.

As the band continues to mature, their arrangements feel deeper. Their new album kicks off with the striking opener ‘The Last Exit’; a powerful and melodic new track that feels more personal and exudes an air of peace. The emotive arrangement connects to its audience. As the soft yet tantalizing instrumentation builds layers upon layer, harnessing the guitar plucks and the shimmering keys then adding an overlay of wistful and bright guitar tone, resonating an essence of reflective charm- all of these elements perfectly fill this delicate aura and complement the striking vocal harmonies.

Crying follows and embraces this atmospheric otherworldliness attachment, whilst producing a nod to midwestern elements. The dainty piano keys exude this careful, calm commitment to a track that intensifies with the pitching harmonic underlay and the reflective appeal that bounces of the guitar strings. White Sands uses this crashing soundbite to commence the immersive track. This Fleetwood Mac Esque rhythm runs deep and the vocals dynamically alter compared to the first 2 tracks, softer whispers join the enticing entity.

Tracks such as Till We Meet Again dramatically subsides the quick beats that came before and mellow the record with this spaced-out plodding rhythm and delicate execution and forces you to slow with the track. A Kiss Before Dying and Bad Town, focuses on the heavier lyrics and the controlled surge of sudden intensity when the composition calls for a clash of power. The latter track projects this humble intimacy from the delicate guitar notes that fill the atmosphere. Towards the final half of the album, the creations once again delve back into that high energy, wandering basslines and rhythmical replete.

Throughout the 11 track release, the listener is at the forefront of this adventure, facing the world that Still Corners have crafted. An album that explores the ferocity between acoustic passages to electric energy. Still Corners on their truest form. Unique orchestrations that deliver substantial tone, guitar noodles, electronic elements, and unpredictable melodious transitions throughout. Through the serene vocal harmonies, abrasive lyrics are fused with this sweetness from the singing. The album twists and turns through this vast atmosphere of intensity and shining moments evolve from the brooding, melancholic chorus and honest lyrics.



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