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Hunter Ellis Releases Face Tapes EP – Out Now | EP Feature

January 31, 2021

Hunter Ellis Releases Face Tapes EP

At the start of 2021, Hunter Ellis released his new EP “Face Tapes” which was recorded at his own studio during quarantine. Hunter Ellis is an artist we’ve been infatuated with since we were first introduced in 2014. Hunter’s releases and musical involvements have come a long way. With this new EP, Hunter is destined for greatness, this record will blow you away. Listen to the EP streaming below.

This initial ominous ambiance wraps itself around you as the EP opener “The Art of Perspective” provides this budding and brooding exploration. These angular notes join this dirty distortion fighting the dense atmosphere of this remarkable creation. These notes clash with the abundance of experimental elements added within the building soundscape. The angular riffs ramp up the intensity, the power of these notes provide this sustaining occurrence before that mighty intensity breaks for this complex rhythm to soar and progress further. Hunter plays with that power and welcomes vital guitar passages that break down and relinquish some added silence into the arrangement. This composition is a buoyant and bold vision, captured to this colossal abyss, it’s a momentous opener to any record and alludes to the grand creation Hunter has perfected, the audience is in for a dynamic ride.

Next up “Hard To Say’ follows, this was a single Hunter released on its own back in November 2020 as a tease to the forthcoming record. “Hard To Say” portrays the progression of maturity from this captivating artist. Intricate guitar sweeps, gentle plucks and a fierce injection of experimentation are found within the first few notes of this standout new single. The new arrangement is a softer exploration for this creative but exudes an offbeat, eclectic beauty. Captured in the dreamy notes, contagious chimes, developing and enriched melodies. The composition meanders to an intense crescendo before the reflective finish. Hunter has the ability to create music that feels personal. This really is a sweeping anthem. Hunter has created a euphoric soundscape, driven by his masterful guitar playing and unmistakable vocals. The entire arrangement is an enlightening listen, especially with the heartfelt soundbite at the finale.

“The Reverse Midas Curse” follows, the shortest ensemble of the record but the length doesn’t warrant an issue for the ferocity of this release. Capturing this western essence through the developing guitar notes and the immense tone. This wholesome instrumentation just feels effortlessly cool, the notes paint such a picture of the atmosphere at the centre of this innovative arrangement.

As the record twists and turns, Hunter keeps the heightened power at the root of each composition. Showcasing the urgency of this illustrious record, Hunter has captured this profound visceral journey. This is such an authentic and resilient record, it will undoubtedly capture your full attention. The sounds that build up throughout the challenging course of the record emit a form of story-telling on its own, Hunter doesn’t necessarily need to rely on lyrics, the power is within the playing, the instrumentation engages the listener as Hunter Ellis allows his audience to join him in this vast aura that makes up the record. It’s an adventurous record that seemingly ignites Hunter‘s passion, ability to harness such power and portray a form of perseverance.

“Be There Now” and “The Golden Days Of The Future” both boast the use of percussive charges, crashing cymbals, and experimental keys before these entwining guitar scales escalate. Hunter Ellis throughout provides iconic melodies and at times Hunter delivers the vocal prowess of classic American singing legends.

This record is easily the most ambitious and accomplished orchestrations that Hunter has delivered. Controlling this wild aggression to deliver a cinematic sensibility. In its entirety this record will elevate you, Hunter is a composer digging into this emotionally rich and plentiful soundscape.

“Face Tapes” is a masterpiece.



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