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Divide and Dissolve Release New Album “Gas Lit” Out Via Invada| Album Feature

January 29, 2021



Gas Lit is the new and third album by the multidimensional duo Divide and Dissolve, out on digital format today through Invada Records with physical formats to follow. Pre-orders are now available via the label here and the band here.

Easily the most expressive and poignant piece of art, the entire album painstakingly beautiful. Divide and Dissolve understand how to create momentous arrangements that challenge beauty with brutality.

  1. Oblique
  2. Prove It
  3. Did You Have Something To Do With It
  4. Denial
  5. Far From Ideal
  6. It’s Really Complicated
  7. Mental Gymnastics
  8. We Are Really Worried About You

Album opener “Oblique” instigates a feeling of resonating beauty within the first string notes of this track, the intertwining melodies create this pivotal visualization and relay such emotive tendencies. What you believe is a softer orchestral movement suddenly erupts into this mammoth soundscape filled with big brash beats and this impenetrable atmosphere. You find yourself trying to fight back against the heavy current desperately trying to find your way back to that initial grace that greeted you a few bars before. Now you’ve experienced the first track, you understand the unpredictable energy of this duo.

Prove It immediately propels you into this biting, heavy, and grating atmosphere from the hellish soundscape that opens up this triumphant track. The intense aura present in the first few bars gives this illusion that the mighty pressure of this composition is already at capacity and then with an unpredictable air Divide And Dissolve intertwine more of their chaotic craft into their dense space, crashing cymbals collide around the audience and this brash beat joins the ferocious feedback.

Prove It showcases Divide and Dissolve‘s flawless ability to produce immersive arrangements that not only hook its audience but fail to let the audience leave their world without leaving its mark on that listener. A wrath of emotion faces you within this bold piece. When you embrace this complex creation, you’ve gained the key into a compelling world that you can escape within once you understand the honesty to their challenging vision. The colossal construction of Prove It provides this monumental intensity of intoxicating energy. 

Did You Have Something To Do With It breaks that behemothic strength of the first two tracks, suddenly you are faced with silence. The silence manipulated around this vocal sample that pushes this movement. Building in the background, these string ties accompany the harrowing and honest lyrics and just like that the suspense seeps in from the next track which follows.

What starts off one of the most harrowing pieces of music, truly fragile and haunting, bursts into this explosive ardent composition. You’re now experiencing “Denial” A huge wall of sound complete with this thick fuzz and bashing abrasive cymbal clashes and big beats join the almighty and dense soundscape. This developing energy consumes the listener before that intensity suddenly disappears back into that fragility at the start of the orchestration. One of the most gripping compositions yet.

And then “Far From Ideal” delivers some essence of rapture. As the outfit continues on their journey they twist and turn through this bleak concentrating on the devious low end which plays havoc with your anxiety, or they abruptly alter their cause and re-introduce calming waves.

Gas Lit” showcases the power of this vital outfit. Divide and Dissolve create these lasting pieces that show what it’s like to fearlessly explore the unknown. Their creations manipulate mystery and erratic elements with sublime long-lasting harmonies. Striking tones challenge the audience as they find themselves engulfed in the ferocious climate. This album commands your full attention and leaves you in the center of this cyclone, you will be affected.

While the album is released digitally today, Divide and Dissolve will soon announce the release date for the special vinyl package. 

Ruban Nielson (Unknown Mortal Orchestra) who produced the record and artwork says of the design, “I was looking through a huge box of old film photos at my house looking for some images that might work as the cover. My wife Jen’s picture of a land sculpture she made as a teenager in Tolaga Bay was there and it felt perfect. Like a pyre. Her puppy from back then is in the picture to the right too. I miss that Dog.”


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