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Camp Trash Set To Release Debut EP “Downtiming” 22nd January via Count Your Lucky Stars

January 11, 2021

Camp Trash Set To Release Debut EP “Downtiming”

Available via 7″ + Digitally 22nd January via Count Your Lucky Stars

Camp Trash are about to release one of the most infectious new records, one with such appeal and relatable context. Later this month, January 22nd Count Your Lucky Stars will unleash this debut EP into the world. The record will be available digitally and on 7″ record. Pre-order info below.

Track Listing

  1. Bobby
  2. Sleepyhead
  3. Potomino
  4. Weird Carolina

Camp Tash have perfected their outlook, they hone in on these relatable emotions that capture a simpler life, bright hooks, and consuming melodic intensity. Camp Trash provide this addictive appeal in their impulsive vision. They flirt their momentous soundscapes with tinges of fun and vibrance. Whilst Camp Trash at times focus on stronger lyrics, their sound identifies this upbeat affection.

The innovative new 4 track release, kicks off with “Bobby” and instantly you are introduced into a fast-paced driving atmosphere. Camp Trash quickly craft a vast creation that showcases their acrobatic guitars, twinkling notes, and such warmth within its lyrical exploration. Deeply honest lyrics of “Sleepyhead” inject the next rack with a reflective theme. This composition covers such ground and explores pensive traits whilst the melodic uprising captures emotion combined with daring energy. “Potomino” slows down the chords to start off with but abruptly picks up that intensity and adds a touch of this essential upbeat vibe found in the resonating guitar strings, this emits a feeling that you want to hold on to. Whereas “Weird Carolina” brings this record to an impressive finale whilst the composition adds this dedicated pop hook into the composition and infuses into the bolting rhythms.

Camp Trash are destined to unite a world of emo fans and combine with a new generation of fans as Camp Tash explores this meaningful essence of youth, freedom, and somehow reflect this essential musical era of earlier 2000s found in their emo-tinged, punk-pop curations. Their work grips the listener intently and they will move with the buoyant beats. The outfits unique if not warm characteristics have been captured flawlessly within their recording vision.

The band delves into intense and more-ish landscapes produced within each track. Playing on this thick chorus, bouncing rhythms and alluring overdrive. These elements fuel their angst and project their far-reaching powerful atmosphere, whilst the vocals pierce through such a dense soundscape and inject realism and a familiar connection.

Throughout the record, this impressive energy surges to provide a compelling and audacious exploration. The vocal tone fused with the heavy and rich guitar scales embrace this American midwest element. But Camp Trash set themselves apart with their distinct creations that battle melancholy with melody.

Pre-order here:

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