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Twisted Ankle Self-Titled Debut Album Due 23rd October via Breakfast Records | Album Feature

October 18, 2020

Twisted Ankle Self-Titled Debut Album

Due 23rd October via Breakfast Records

Twisted Ankle are about to release one of the most infectious, gritty, and aggressive records of 2020. Their self titled album is due October 23rd via Breakfast Records.

Twisted Ankle have emerged over the last few years as one of the most unique acts in the South-West and one we rave about. Described as a strange mix of post-punk, dissonant jazz and macabre humour, they’ve long been a prominent fixture on the live circuit, supporting Mclusky, JOHN and Fraud’s across the last year.

This year we’ve been eagerly awaiting their truthful 11 track record to be revealed to all. The forthcoming album captures their biting musical experimentation and their addictive/impulsive energy.

Twisted Ankle Track Listing

  1. (All My Life I Wanted To Be A) Mortgage
  2. Warmed Through
  3. Landlord Laughs
  4. My Favourite Shops
  5. Team Building
  6. A Bag Of Pasta
  7. Slamdoorshutout
  8. ABC KGB
  9. Grandma Bonedigger
  10. My Bird
  11. Shit-Eating Grin

Their self titled album meanders through pure punching beats, crashing cymbals and charming lyrics, boisterous and angular riffs, and a filthy tone. But Twisted Ankle set themselves apart by capturing the fun these musicians have in creating these instrumentations. These talented musicians have a clear vision yet don’t take themselves too seriously, and that’s the appeal to their hard-hitting ardent arrangements. The intensity of their tracks are still at the forefront for the audience but this air of engaging charm seeps through.

The record gallantly showcases this trios’ audacious craftsmanship, the three work well producing hard-hitting obnoxious tracks. Respectfully they give off this somewhat stubborn stance through their mighty deliverance yet this just adds to the charm of Twisted Ankle. Unyielding dynamics push hard through the bold arrangements.

Twisted Ankle are masters at creating brash consuming composition, their soundscape in each track is built upon such a vast scale. That fun element pushes through to the unknown of each instrumentation, Twisted Ankle keeps you hypnotized throughout, the audience are left on their toes. As their direction and intensity to their work head rapidly into the unknown, the dynamic twists and turns provide a spontaneous journey, fun and intentionally more-ish. Stop-starts where you least expect, an unexpected break to the colossal and immersive wall of sound. The humorous yet honest lyrics that emerge mixed with crushing passages and then peaceful phases.

In its entirety, this album provides anthemic turbulence. Dark, deceptive, and devilish, utterly gripping.

Twisted Ankle’s self-titled debut is out on Breakfast Records on the 23rd October, digitally and on a limited edition CD.




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