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The Antlers Return With New Single “Wheels Roll Home” On Transgressive

October 6, 2020
Shervin Lainez




The Antlers are releasing “Wheels Roll Home”, their first new music since the 2014 release of their fifth album Familiars. Listen to the track

““ Wheels Roll Home” is a simple song about the hopeful promise of reunion after a long time gone,” lead singer and songwriter Peter Silberman explains. “It’s that feeling of finding home in someone, eager and impatient to build a life together. It’s the experience of waiting out tumultuous times, longing for stability someday.”

Last year the critically acclaimed band celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their breakthrough record, 2009’s Hospice, with a vinyl-only reissue and a sold-out acoustic tour, playing the album in full.

Once again The Antlers force the world to stop, to listen intently to each note, to each lyric with such focus, it feels as if this arrangement has been made for your own personal desire. Easily one of the most compelling singers, with emotion enriched in each vocal note and exuding such sincere serenity at all times. The Antlers return with another immersive orchestration hit pause on the world and soak up the harmony.

Silberman followed the release of Familiars with a solo album in 2017 called Impermanence, recorded after beginning to recover from a hearing impairment. “His multi-octave voice is as intense as Jeff Buckley’s or Anohni’s, but it’s vulnerable without being precious or cloying,” said The Guardian. “No wasted space, no wasted breath or tone. Just a six-song pilgrimage through human fragility,” added Under The Radar.
In addition to his work with The Antlers, Silberman has also been writing music under the moniker Spatial Relations – a new duo he formed with longtime friend and collaborator Nicholas Principe. Spatial Relations has provided theme music for Slate’s “Slow Burn” podcast and Luminary’s “Fiasco” podcast. They also scored Malcolm Gladwell’s recent best-selling audiobook Talking To Strangers, which Entertainment Weekly called “an audiobook for the podcast generation.” Spatial Relations’ debut full-length Talking To Strangers: The Companion Album was released on Sept 25th.
“Wheels Roll Home” was written by Peter Silberman and drummer Michael Lerner, and produced by Silberman. It was mixed by Nicholas Principe at People Teeth in Kingston, NY. The single art was designed by Zan Goodman.

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