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HMS Morris Set To Release New Single “Partypooper” Due November 6th | Exclusive Single Premiere

October 25, 2020

HMS Morris Set To Release New Single “Partypooper” Due November 6th

Exclusive Single Premiere

Following the release of ‘Babanod’, Poetry’ and ‘Myfyrwyr Rhyngwladol’ earlier in the year, HMS Morris are back with the fourth and final single in the series, ‘Partypooper’, will be released on November 6th.

Ahead of the official release we are delighted to share the forthcoming single, streaming in full below:

Despite the songtitle ‘Partypooper’, the exuberant and experimental elements that collide within the first initial introduction to this track, then escalates throughout- this track is a party- the feel, the crushing notes, the quick-paced rhtyhm- the essence of the track screams carnival. The flow of this track resonates fun. It’s a vibrant exploration that will absolutely move you. But that’s just the top layer of this bold composition.

With the appealing and alluring full rhythms and the mind-blowing melody of this track, the lyrics are darker than the tracks sunny-seeming disposition. Under the expansive consuming instrumentation, these bold lyrics bare all, reflective and painstakingly real. When you look through the party-anthem execution and focus on the darker lyrics, it clear the resemblance mirrors that of life, embracing a world of up and downs/ sadness and stress, hiding it all behind a smile on your face- the ultimate mask. In a very clever twist, HMS Morris have masked an honest projection with a beat that intensifies and connects rhythmically to the audience. It’s fun, deceptive, frivolous, and fearlessly honest.

HMS Morris continue to provide addictive pop at it’s very best.

Songwriter Heledd Watkins explains Partypooper’s origins thus:

It’s a response to the mental highs and lows of being a musician – or any kind of human person really. A great deal of us struggle with a little internal partypooper, a malignant imp who likes to wait until we’re at our happiest before screwing up her mean little face and blowing mightily on her shit-horn of doubt and regret, leaving our ears ringing and our confidence in tatters as she skips gleefully away. She’s not above putting the boot in when you’re down either; during the downtime in between gigs, or as you’re reading a crap review of a record you spent the last year perfecting, or when you see a hype band flying past at 100 miles an hour to New Music Friday-land or some equally alluring destination. We all have one. We all deal with them in different ways. Here’s hoping that mine has a fear of high-tempo Latin numbers with horns and distorted wailing.’

Partypooper features guest appearances from the superb Owain Gruffudd and Gwyn Owen from Band Pres Llareggub (Owain also arranged the brass). Iestyn Jones is on drums. It was recorded at St Peter’s and Fitzhamon Studio in Cardiff, and Stiwdio Sain in Llandwrog.

Partypooper will be available November 6th, to stream or purchase digitally from all the usual platforms



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