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July 24, 2020


‘Preseb o Ias’, the new single by Breichiau Hir is out now on Libertino Records. Here’s Steff Dafydd, the band’s lead vocalist, to explain more about the track:

Since the end of 2019, we’ve been incredibly busy writing and recording our debut album. We finished the process on the first week of March, just before the world went into lockdown. We planned to release a few singles from April until the album’s release in the summer. After a few lengthy discussions, we’ve decided to postpone releasing the album. We’re gutted, but we didn’t want to release it without being able to play it live. For now, we’ve dug up an unreleased song we recorded in 2018 called Preseb O Ias. This song was written and recorded quite some time before we started work on the album and it never got the opportunity to be released as a single, but we’re very proud of it and glad that it’s seeing the light of day.

Preseb o Ias kind of translates to A Crib Of Shivers. The song is about squeezing everything out of love and life with such force that it destroys it and you end up with a hollow shell. One of our most uplifting themes to date, I’m sure. The song projects imagery of someone scrambling through life in turmoil, causing distraught and terror, chaos rushing through every aspect of their life.The song felt fierce, manic and immediate from the moment we started working on it – this informed the themes of the song. We love the electricity of the song and the horrible rage

It begins with a brutal outburst, violent guitars and demonic shout-singing and somewhere in the middle, it grips control and takes a breath, before building up this fiery rage back up and ending with frantic energy again.

The cover art is a photo from Cardiff-based artist John Rowley. He posts masked self-portraits regularly on his instagram account (@john.rowley.17 / https://www.instagram.com/john.rowley.17/). He makes a mask from things he finds around the place and takes a selfie in the same exact spot everytime. He’s currently on mask 322. We love the project and when we saw the one with big nails taped to his face, we had to use it. It’s so disturbing and I think it fits the sound and themes of the song perfectly. We highly recommend checking out the account for his other masks.

Preseb o Ias‘ really is ferocious from the first note. Insanity consumes this fast-paced rhythmic piece. Here Breichiau Hir have created something so crushingly heavy you can only applaud. The ferocity of this composition is instant, it’s an impulsive and integral complex composition from this courageous outfit. Just over 2 minutes of behemoth post-hardcore, earth-shaking melodic music. The musicians have crafted brutalizing grooves which result in a chaotic eruption of the finest noise rock. The vocals possess snarl and power which radiate throughout.




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