Fran Lobo Shares New Video “Brave”- EP Due June 19th via Slow Dance Records

June 17, 2020
Photo credit: El Hardwick


Shares new video for EP title-track “Brave”
EP due June 19th via Slow Dance Records

London-based artist Fran Lobo is sharing a new video for the title-track from her upcoming EP Brave, which is due June 19th via Slow Dance Records. 

Speaking about the Brave video, Lobo said “This video is a love letter to ‘home’. Mixing two mediums/locations” iPhone in NE London and Super 8 in Goa, iPhone footage was shot during the quarantine and the video reflects the situation we are in and the harking to different kinds of home, including the one you find within yourself. The footage from India is in solidarity to all the trade workers in India who will have lost their daily wage due to Covid 19.”

Fran Lobo is a singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, choral composer and sound artist from North East London. Inspired by both orchestral music and the London club scene, ‘Brave‘ mixes human sound (choral singing, vocals, clarinet, piano) with machines (drum machines, analogue synthesisers) and sees how the two can weave in and out of one another, subverting expectations of style. 

As a choral and music workshop leader, Lobo has been commissioned to work with several prestigious London choirs including conducting the choir for Floating Points‘ sold-out album launch and arranging pieces of original music for all female Deep Throat Choir and LIPS choir in London.

Brave is a dramatic nightmare dream about addiction, reclaiming identity and processing grief: employing rare analogue drum machines and synthesizers, field recordings, live band, choirs and orchestral instruments. Recorded between Stereloab’s Andy Ramsay’s studio in South London (King Krule, Mount Kimbie) and Massive Attack’s 3D’s studio in Bristol with Bruno Ellingham. The EP was mixed by Jimmy Robertson and mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road.

In her own words, Fran Lobo said “This EP is about staying brave despite having your heart torn apart and the pressure you feel as a woman to keep a brave face and to not break down, or show emotion, or ‘be cool’ when in fact breaking down and opening up is the answer to everything.”

This EP celebrates the triumph at the other end of a storm. It speaks about overcoming addiction, loss and trauma whilst also acknowledging the pressure on women today to be seen as ‘Brave‘ and exploring the beauty of breaking down and rebuilding again rather than being fearful of it. It is an expression of the many sides of being a ‘woman’ whilst playing with the idea of dream vs. reality…A collaborator in the bands UNKLE and Deep Throat Choir, and previous shows including supporting Matthew Herbert, Okay Kaya & Reykjavikurdaetur, Fran Lobo will be playing at the Love record stores digital event this Saturday. Details are here:

Brave EP tracklist:
1. Give Me Something
2. Monster
3. Brave
4. Not Chasing

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