Jade Hairpins share video for new single “Dolly Dream” from debut ‘Harmony Avenue’ out May 29th on Merge

May 12, 2020
Jade Hairpins
search for brighter futures in their romantic “Dolly Dream” video
from debut album Harmony Avenue
out May 29th on Merge Records

Jade Hairpins move in and out of reverie in the rose-colored video for new song “Dolly Dream,” bringing you into their world of joyful movement, wide-open spaces, and sunny yesterdays and tomorrows. This piece of musical clockwork is laden with Fender Rhodes keyboard, analog synths, layered strings, and soaring harmonies which all set the stage for the reveal of their debut full-length Harmony Avenue on May 29th on Merge Records.

The music video, featuring nostalgic footage of Jade Hairpins across three continents, was co-directed by the Jade Hairpins masterminds Mike Haliechuk and Jonah Falco. As Falco explains, “‘Dolly Dream’ is a song about searching – not necessarily something you lack and have to ‘find,’ but grabbing hold of that ‘something’ you’ve always had. This search finds a connection within solitude, and within the crowd.”

Each Jade Hairpins song was conceived in studio, then edited and crafted by Haliechuk and Falco to become Harmony Avenue. Each approach was different – first focusing on creating stories for character-based writing, and then on less absurd emotional/thoughtful/personal reflection.

Up and down Harmony Avenue, you’ll hear pop foraging with analog acoustics and electronic landscaping. It’s a collection of songs written and recorded in real time by Falco and Haliechuk, members of Fucked Up and the masterminds behind their recent record Dose Your Dreams. In fact, Harmony Avenue was originally conceived as a potential addendum to that album’s universe, but the end result was more exciting than Falco and Haliechuk anticipated and deserved its own spotlight.

In case you missed them, watch the music videos for Harmony Avenue’s equally amazing singles “(Don’t Break My) Devotion” and “J Terrapin” before waltzing over to the Merge store and pre-ordering the record on LP and CD. For further listening recommendations, we suggest pressing play on Jade Hairpins’ mixtape “How I Learned Not To Break My Devotion” on Spotify.

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