BABii shares new EP ‘iii+’ in full online & reveals video for lead single “BEAST+”

May 6, 2020
Photo credit: Daisy Warne + Gus Sharpe


– Announces new EP ‘iii+’ out today
– Extended version of recent EP ‘iii’
– New video & single “BEAST+” online now

After recently releasing her EP ‘iii‘, Margate-based artist BABii is now releasing an extended version of the record, complete with three new tracks. Today BABii is sharing new single & video BEAST+ from the record.

Speaking about the “BEAST+” video, BABii said “Somehow this whole EP has become all about my childhood and this video which I made entirely by myself in my bedroom ended up being based on a lie that I told when I was in primary school. I didn’t have a Mum growing up so I used to tell everyone that my mum was Mother Nature, that’s why my name was Daisy and I could control the weather, and that I would go to secret weather meetings in an abandoned bread factory. Totally unbelievable, I know. Anyways one sunny day in year 3, loads of kids started trying to make me prove it, and knowing that it wasn’t true, I closed my eyes and tighten my fists, and to my surprise the sky darkened and the heaviest rain poured from the sky. I felt like a 7 year old god.”

You can stream EP ‘iii+’ in full here:

BABii’s debut album HiiDE came out in July last year, but she has not stopped creating since. In September 2019 she released XYZ, a collaborative album with fellow GLOO members Iglooghost and Kai Whiston; a glitchy electronic work decribed as “the year’s most brilliantly alienating album” by Loud & Quiet. Following UK/EU tours with Chk Chk Chk (!!!) and WHY? she joined up with GLOO again for a sold out London edition of their interactive clubnight Grid. Following on from this BABii released her recent EP iii, which is available here and has now transformed this into a new version with three new tracks.

Speaking about iii+, BABii said “I had this magical experience when I was a small child where I had a video of the Never Ending Story 1 and 2, and I never realised it was 2 films. I would fast forward the first one thinking it was a trailer. Then one day I realised there was another film on the video and it was like it appeared on there all on its own and it was super exciting and mystical, because magic is the only logical explanation when you’re 5 and I wanted people to have that same feeling of confusion, excitement, and magic when they saw all of these extra songs suddenly appear.”

iii+  is coming out on super limited edition lathe cut vinyl. There are online 9 of these available and BABii has hand-drawn the artwork directly onto the sleeves and made the inserts. You can purchase them on Bandcamp here:

BABii is performing the following livestreams:
17/5 Youtube livestream – Tom Thumb fundraiser 
23/5 Twitch livestream – Curiosity Shop: Roots Growing

iii+ track list:
5. RGB
6. RGB+

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