Peter Oren shares ‘One and Ohs’, the final single from upcoming album ‘The Greener Pasture’ out via Western Vinyl – 24th April

April 20, 2020
Photo by Francisca Isabel Figueroa


In “Ones and Ohs” Peter searches for improved phone habits.

New Album The Greener Pasture out 24th April via Western Vinyl

Peter Oren today shares ‘One and Ohs‘, the final single from upcoming album The Greener Pasture out via Western Vinyl on 24th April. His third full length record, The Greener Pasture was mostly conceived by Peter when alone in a cabin near Nashville. Pre-order the album here:

Peter on ‘Ones and Ohs’: “There are limits to technological connectivity and there are consequences to design for profit. Over the years, as we increasingly edit and upload our personalities through our devices, I’ve sunk deeper into habits of excessive phone use. I’ve got The Scroll. With the world constantly at our fingertips, every spare moment is a potential impression for advertisers. The uneasiness of stillness, of absence, of understanding, is easily replaced in a moment’s notice by a handheld screen with a worldful of jokes, beauty, and sometimes just another voice to fill your room.”

Quick facts from Peter:
– I recorded the album mostly alone in a cabin near Nashville, IN
– The cabin had a pond and a wooded+hilly 60 acres
– It’s the first project I’d ever mixed, mastered, and seen out the door myself
– I traded files with musicians, some of whom I’ve never met in person, to record what I
needed a hand with, including Dan Bailey (drums, LA), Shannon Hayden (cello, Cali), Aaron Goldstein (pedal steel, Toronto), Laur Joamets (guitars, Nashville/ ATL), and Diederik Van Wassenauer (strings, Netherlands).
– I had friends and local players join me for a few sessions, especially Mark Edlin, who played drums and helped with overall insight and feedback.

The Greener Pasture sees its release via Western Vinyl on April 24, 2020. For more info or to pre-order, go here. “Whole World” is streaming on all digital platforms here.

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