London art-rockers Post Louis share new track ‘Winter Pollen’

February 7, 2020

London art-rockers POST LOUIS share spikey new track about the effects of Me Too; ‘WINTER POLLEN’
Debut album Descender out Feb 28th 2020

Exciting five-piece art-rock band, Post Louis, have today released another single from their upcoming debut Descender – new track Winter Pollen was written from the perspective of a young woman internalising the effects of the Me Too movement – a burning rage, suppressed by the daily grind of life. “A couple of Christmases ago I was feeling overwhelmed by all the turmoil produced by the courageous disclosures in the Me Too movement” says Stephanie Davin, lead singer of Post Louis. “The Brock Turner witness statement had been published in the summer of 2016. That act of bravery occupied my mind, alongside a relentless looping mental image that I couldn’t shake, of Emily Doe (Chanel Miller) lying in the road. I wanted to link that image to the idea of heat, rage and being burnt out – whether by work or aspiration or fury. Fiery anger is often apt, but it can be exhausting as well as empowering.”

Winter Pollen reflects this heavy lyrical focus, embodying an anxious determination, painted by huge guitar sounds that were recorded at the garden studio of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Ed Nash. “They didn’t have very long, and you can hear the urgency in the recording. Most of the parts are one-off takes and decisions on sounds and equipment were made impulsively.”
The band garnered critical acclaim for a string of singles sporadically released throughout the last 18 months, and now their iridescent debut album is announced for release on 28th Feb 2020. A colossal stride forward, following on from their early EPs This Could Be a Bridge and Uptight, Post Louis have spent every spare moment outside of their day-jobs experimenting, honing, and pushing the boundaries of their creative capabilities to construct their kaleidoscopic debut album Descender

And this is the driving force that lies at the heart of the album. Desperate exhaustion – both through mental and physical labour. While the EPs were preoccupied with the ways in which people can damage one other, Descender extends this gaze, taking in questions about love, labour, effort and blame. 
After a European tour supporting Secretly Canadian’s Porcelain Raft, Post Louis’ songwriters Davin and Robbie Stern (previously of Cajun Dance Party) retreated to a remote cottage in Wales to avoid the distractions of working life, armed only with a looper and a Dictaphone. They brought the material that surfaced to the rest of the band, together forming the songs that would make up their debut through meticulous testing, deconstructing and experimenting at their rehearsal space: the Norwegian Church (Sjømannskirken) in Bermondsey.
Post Louis recently embarked on a UK tour with Max Bloom (Yuck) in December 2019.

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