PET SHIMMERS announce new album ‘Face Down in Meta’ alongside new track

January 13, 2020
Photo Credit: Mariana Sabio 


Oliver Wilde-led band share new single ‘Post-Dick Circle Fuck’

Surprise album out 31st January ahead of (SANDY) Alex G tour

After an incredible 2019, Bristol six-piece Pet Shimmers have decided to strike while the iron is hot and surprise everyone with their debut album Face Down In Meta, out on the 31st January, ahead of their upcoming UK tour alongside (Sandy) Alex G. Listen to the teaser track ‘Post-Dick Circle Fuck‘ and pre-order the album here:

Band leader Oliver Wilde explains how the ‘Post-Dick Circle Fuck’ is perfect for one of his favourite dance troupes Sparkle Motion (from Donnie Darko obviously): 

“If Sparkle Motion needed a moody dance number about body positivity, ‘Post-Dick Circle Fuck’ is just that. Not everybody is totally stoked on themselves and P-DCF kinda says, “Let’s talk about that”. That’s until we realised what it’s really saying which is “Pet Shimmers, Sparkle Motion would like some bit-washed guitar slide finishing moves thrown into that talk” … duh, can’t you see into portals? Never doubt our commitment to Sparkle Motion.” 

Tour dates (With (SANDY) Alex G)

07.02 – Liverpool – Phase One
08.02 – Dublin – The Button Factory
09.02 – Glasgow – St Luke’s
10.02 – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
12.02 – London – EartH
14.02 – Bristol – Thekla
15.02 – Brighton – The Old Market

17.02 – Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
18.02 – Brussels – Botanique
20.02 – Hamburg – Molotow
22.02 – Berlin – Lido
24.02 – Prague – Underdogs Ballroom
25.02 – Zurich – Bogen F
27.02 – Barcelona – Razzmatazz
28.02 – Madrid – Sala El Sol
02.03 – Paris – Point Ephemere
04.03 – Cologne – Bumann & Sohn
06.03 – Groningen – Vera

Yeah, another band.

The whole new, supercharged seven-piece first appeared at the beginning of 2019, unloading a flurry of singles online; two of which, the Goat Girl featuring glitch odyssey ‘Feels Hz’ and voracious follow-up ‘Mortal Sport Argonaut’, reqauired immediate attention / BBC 6 Music support from Tom Ravenscroft and Gideon Coe. A prompt invitation to record a session at Maida Vale followed, claiming their first ever live performance, barely a month after the project had begun – noted by Ravenscroft as a potential formation-to-radio record.

Face Down In Meta aims to push these carefully assembled sonic hurdles even further afield. A baritone choir greets destructive-droning on opener ‘Thawed Out Plainclothes Demon’, soon countered by a saccharine introduction to the alt-pop universe that starts with ‘Super Natural Teeth’, ever-expanding as the record rolls on. Swirling harmonies disarm on checkpoint ‘Cheat Codes (THPS2)’, allowing the group to compose themselves and soar, recharged, through a rampant, dark lo-fi conquest.

Lead offering ‘Post-Dick Circle Fuck’ grabbles body positivity vs millennial angst (“I’m not sorry about my body / I’m not sorry about my pussy”), whereas closer ‘Crash Tense Dummy’ sprawls tragedy throughout an essential, hypnotic 11 minute run time.

With the project ingesting a plethora of familiar, talented Bristol-based faces, the baton-wielding songwriting maestro Oliver Wilde marches frontline in the group. A solo artist in his own right, Wilde glues together six further essential performers, all of whom litter their own musical preludes including Portishead and Swallow Cave; Will Carkett, Richard Clarke, Ellie Gray, Lexie Jennings, Mig Schillace and Florrie Adamson-Leggit, each delivering their own unique Shimmer.

Pre-order Face Down in Meta here:


Thawed Out Plainclothes Demon
Super Natural Teeth
Mortal Sport Argonaut
Duvet Day
Feels Hz (Feat. Goat Girl)
Angel Made
Cheat Codes (THPS2)
Coeval Ari
Nobody Me
Post-Dick Circle Fuck
Crash Tense Dummy

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