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INTRODUCING: TIBERIUS B- London-based singer songwriter shares debut single “No Smoke”

November 13, 2019

INTRODUCING: TIBERIUS B. London-based singer songwriter shares debut single “No Smoke”

Introducing  Tiberius b, the musical moniker and new project of Canadian singer-songwriter Francesca Belcourt, who is sharing their debut single today, “No Smoke”. 

“After a long period of patient solitude, I stepped into the manifestation of a love I had long imagined and couldn’t sit still to enjoy what was so carefully cultivated”, Tiberius b said of the time the song was written.

No Smoke” is an attempt to get to the bottom of these negative patterns through a frank and melodramatic conversation with oneself. In this try at healing the track characterizes a crucial decision, where one has to decide if they’ll accept what they’ve always wished for or dedicate their life to wishing for more. 

In a world full of love songs single No Smoke is a ballad for all those who struggle to accept the love that comes their way. Sitting on the axis of self-help and self-destruction the track borrows its sense of faithful contemplation from a nostalgia-laden guitar hook. This approach is a mainstay of Tiberius b’s aesthetic, which combines musical throwbacks with sharp and passionately honest lyrics. In “No Smoke, listeners are pulled into a harrowing but relatable moment of reflection, where doubts and mistrust risk eclipsing the good. Despite this uncertainty, the song remains bittersweet, portraying both an ardent cynicism and wistful optimism.

Having toured across North America as one half of the dream-pop duo Mu sharing stages with artists like Billie Eilish and Jenny Hval, Tiberius b was conceived after moving back to their birthplace of London, England. Given this move, it was only fitting they also reclaim the nickname their parents gave in utero, Tiberius.

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