TEMPERS share ‘Guidance’, third single from new album out 25th October via Dais Records

October 7, 2019


Electro duo traverse the realms of darkwave and synthpop on  ‘Guidance’

Upcoming album Private Life, out 25th October via Dais Records

Electro-pop duo Tempers have unveiled a new single from their forthcoming album for experimental vanguard Dais Records, titled Private Life. Pooling inspiration from dark indie, electronica, and synth pop, Private Life is the prime distillation of Tempers’ three albums’ worth of output.

Their latest single “Guidance” “builds almost imperceptibly from a minimalist synthpop number to an all-out existential darkwave banger” (Flood Magazine).

The band said of the track: “Guidance is about the idea of having a spirit you can call on, and be created by, when you want to go beyond yourself.” 

New York based duo Tempers, comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, have been diligently carving out their own unique niche within dark indie, electronica and synth-pop circles since their formation. After a series of digital singles in 2013, Tempers began solidifying their singular identity of rigorous electronic production blended with instinctual, unleashed vocals. Following well received tours in Europe and the United States, Tempers saw the release of their debut album entitled Services, released in Germany via the highly regarded cult imprint Aufnahme + Wiedergabe and quickly became a staple in the synth-pop/post punk scenes in both the States and in Europe.

Since the release of Services, Temper shave regularly appeared at a number of international festivals and venues, including Test Pressing Festival and Berghain to name a few, and ambitiously created a concept album entitled Junkspace in 2018, in collaboration with famed architect Rem Koolhaas, about the deconstructed banality and overlooked grace of 20th century shopping mall culture.

Tempers’ third full-length album, Private Life, successfully progresses their cinematic aesthetic into a moodier and more introspective landscape. Private Life opens with “Capital Pains”, a lonely incantation that echoes the human desire to envy other people’s lives and endlessly chase our own insecurities. Surreal, isolated atmosphere backed by upbeat rhythm and melancholy refrain projected from “Capital Pains” perfectly set the tone expectation for Private Life.

“Peace of Mind” crawls along as a dramatic dirge with Golestaneh imparting matters of loneliness and solitude, always looking from the outside and complemented with Cooper’s haunting resonance. The character behind songs such as “Sleep” and “Push/Pull” break from Tempers signature synth-laden post punk notoriety, instead switching to a more somber songwriting style that settles down between downtempo dream pop and despondent soundtracks.

Behind the backdrop of driving electronics and magnetic verse, Private Life deconstructs and reimagines the ideas behind despair, love, loneliness, and hope.

While most people would simply reflect on nostalgia, Tempers stands alone in their unique methods, fictionalising their ideas through sound and vision to create soundtracks for everyday affliction.


Capital Pains
Leonard Cohen Afterworld
Peace Of Mind
Push Pull
More Than You Realized

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