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Massa Circles “EP01” – Out Now Via Touch Hand Records – EP Release Special | Simon Gore

October 16, 2019

Massa Circles “EP01” Out Now Via Touch Hand Records –

EP Release Special

The debut EP by Cardiff based duo, Massa Circles, is a mesmerizing cascade of the most impressive contemporary electronic music. Their methods are simply compromised of “ambient, textured arpeggios”, voiced from both modern and vintage analogue hardware. From a traditional perspective, the music may benefit from additional instrumentation in places – some live drums here, some vocals there, but Massa Circles’ creative vision has been adhered to as a strict ethos. Every waveform has been captured faithfully and tangibly with no unnecessary overdubbing to cloud the character of the instruments. This minimalist approach to production makes the record all the more admirable.

Despite the increased interest in vintage electronic instruments over the last decade, a labour of love like Massa Circle’s may seem counter-productive to the post-human bedroom musicians of today. However, the quality of sound is simply unarguable, with matched, impeccable attention to detail evident throughout their recording process. The production features synth sounds that are clearly referential to the electronic pioneers of yesteryear, whilst still retaining a Sinoia Caves-esq originality, planting this music firmly out of the realms of anachronism.

However, this masterpiece is not art-for-arts-sake. The music is gripping, never allowing the listeners’ attention to lapse. Hidden within the sonic avalanches like Phillip Glass-esq. hooks and poly-rhythmic melodic intricacies flowing in and out of dominance in a style similar to the lesser know Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company.

Despite it’s high-brow artistic value, this EP is incredibly musical. Massa Circles seem to have found a perfect balance; an uncommon territory many artists manage to find. Released 4th October by Touch Hand Records on a 12” LP, this record is a must-have for any fan of purist minimalism or progressive electronic music.

Digital: https://lnkfi.re/MassaCircles
Vinyl: https://touchhand.bandcamp.com/album/massa-circles-ep01

https://www.facebook.com/massacircles/ https://www.facebook.com/touchhandrecords/

Words: Simon Gore

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