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DZ Deathrays – Positive Rising Pt. 1 Album Review | Gavin Brown

September 22, 2019

DZ Deathrays

Positive Rising Pt. 1

New Zealand Rock n rollers DZ Deathrays have been making high octane rock with a danceable edge since 2008 and show no signs of letting up now. On their latest album Positive Rising Pt. 1 the band amp up their sound even more to blast out nine songs of joyous noise that will stick with you for a long time.

DZ Deathrays waste no time in demonstrating that joyous nature of their music on the albums opening track Hi Everyone, which is a hazy and upbeat track that builds and builds until it explodes with the energy that the band are renowned for.

That energy continues with the raucous but catchy Still No Change and this carries in for the rest of the album. The energy is high throughout and the tracks just fly by, but they fly by in a kind way and the songs certainly will be stuck in your head rather than flying by in a forgettable way.

The ode to living live to the full, In-To-It is undoubtedly an album highlight, it’s vivacity is infectious and you’ll be singing the chorus for months on end and then as the song reaches its stomping conclusion, you know you’ve just heard something special, a song that makes you feel alive.

The quality doesn’t let up from then on either and the following A Lot To Lose and Hypercolour continue that upbeat nature in style.

Snakes adds an even catchier nature to the album while Nightmare Wrecker adds a bit of a more lo-fi approach and ends with some stunning guitar playing and some pounding riffs just for fun. 

Positive Rising Pt. 1 ends with the heavier and grungier Year of The Dog Before the anthem of positivity that is Silver Lining ends things on a sublime high note, as the epic and well-crafted nature of the track makes way for some wholesome feedback and beats to let the album end perfectly. 

Listening to this album will make you feel good, there is no doubt about that as it is a collection of music that is full to the brim with positivity, which DZ Deathrays excel in and is on show from start to finish on this album. 

Positive Rising Pt. 1 is an album jam packed full of energetic tracks that sound massive, catchy and downright anthemic and if this is the quality of a first part of Positive Rising, then the hopefully incoming second installment can’t come soon enough. 




Words: Gavin Brown

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