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Bull Release New Single ‘Love Goo’ + Unveil Video

September 28, 2019

Bull Release New Single ‘Love Goo’ + Unveil Video

Single Release September 13th

Bull have totally captured us this year and are one of our favourite UK bands at present. Their new single and video for ‘Love Goo’ is set to rightfully gain them new fans.

The York based quartet have grown courageously over the years and we still urge you all to fall in love with this promising and fresh act.

Recorded in Amsterdam and partially inspired by a TV show that the singer Tom Beer had watched shortly before it was written, the song talks about the space between two people where the truth lies. Bull’s newest creation also hints at the matters of collective consciousness, gender fluidity and the future of peace, love, and understanding.

With the new release, Bull also treats us to a full blown audiovisual experience – the song is accompanied by a music video made by Kai (bass) who took a bunch of short two-second clips shot on a VHS camera he bought for £9, and upon realising that the clips match the guitar on the track, they decided to make it official. The video shows Bull on their December tour with Canshaker Pi, in Ijland studio in Amsterdam and then
chronologically into April around some UK gigs.

Love Goo is an addictive new single, a buyont track with lustful lyrics capturing an essence of fun pop and influences of The Kinks/ Beach Boys. Bull have created a track which feels like a historic classic yet it’s something so refreshing and vital.

Bull are masters at creating melodic and mighty fast-paced orchestrations. Love Goo is short but sweet, compelling and courageous. You’ll be hooked. The new single could easily be the soundtrack to the next Wes Anderson film. Deep lyrical messages delivered with such a sunny projection- it’s another essential listen.

For those unfamiliar with the band- Bull dates back to the year 2011 when Dan Lucas (lead guitar, vocals), Kai West (bass, vocals), Tom Beer (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Tom Gabbatiss (drums vocals) came together to create an act that would shortly after put their local scene in awe. And last month, July 2019, marks five year since their debut 10-track full-length album She Looks Like Kim (2014) was released.

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