MERMAIDENS share ‘She’s Running’, new album out 6th September via Flying Nun

August 23, 2019
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New Zealand trio share ‘She’s Running‘ and UK tour dates

New album Look Me in the Eye out via Flying Nun Records 6th September

New Zealand trio Mermaidens share new single ‘She’s Running‘, the final single from upcoming album Look Me In the Eye, out September 6th on Flying Nun Records. Pre-order the album here.

“The inciting moment for writing “She’s Running” was one afternoon when I was looking after two very sweet but insane little boys in the playground after school,” guitarist and co-vocalist Gussie Larkin said of the song. “I’ve done a bit of childcare as a side hustle over the years, but nothing could prepare me for what I can only describe as a Fight to the Death. These two kids started lunging at each other, trying to tear the other one apart! I was completely out of my depth. Then suddenly all these Mums were around me, helping calm these kids down, and reassuring me too. It might seem like a trivial little incident but it gave me a new appreciation for these women and their unseen work.”

“After everything chilled out and the boys were best friends again, I sat in the sun watching the women around me playing with and caring for their children. I felt really small and strange, and that’s when I scribbled the chorus lyrics “I’m shrinking beside the wise woman” in my diary.”

Mermaidens are also proud to announce the release of a limited edition, custom Mermaidens effects pedal, aptly called ‘Moon Cycle’, built and designed by kiwi amp-maker, Emerald Rose.

Pre-order the limited edition gatefold pressing of Look Me in the Eye through Bandcamp to be entered into a draw to win the custom effects pedal! Pre-order HERE.

UK Tour Dates

Saturday 21st September – Elsewhere, Margate 
Sunday 22nd September – The Library, Oxford
Monday 23rd September – The Hug And Pint, Glasgow
Tuesday 24th September – Picture House Social, Sheffield
Wednesday 25th September – Old Blue Last, London

Look Me In The Eye sees Mermaidens scale new territory and fearlessly pushing sonic boundaries. Drawing on influences such as Warpaint and PJ Harvey, the three-piece have produced a body of work as severe and progressive as it is vibrant and exhilarating. At the heart of the record lies the thematic exploration of female voices, as band members Gussie Larkin (co-lead vocals/guitar), Lily West (co-lead vocals/bass) and Abe Hollingsworth (drums) expose motifs of exterior masks, human relationships and power dynamics with unflinching fervour. The title of the new album is intentional in its double-meaning, as notions of confrontation and intimacy collide to unearth the tangled paradoxes of human connection. The voices and perspectives of both front-women shape the record with equal footing, creating a dialogue around female collaboration and friendship.

Look Me In The Eye was recorded with long time collaborator, audio engineer James Goldsmith at Blue Barn Studio in the trio’s hometown of Wellington. Predominantly writing songs independently and then coming together as a trio to work through arrangements and develop ideas, Mermaidens mobilised their strengths in collaboration to produce a body of music that is every bit as experimental, as it is accessible and uniting.

This year has also seen the release of their 7” split single ‘You Maintain The Stain/Cut It Open’. The A-side, ‘You Maintain The Stain’ (featuring the now precursory hint lyric “you won’t look me in the eye”) secured the #1 spot on New Zealand’s Alternative Airplay Chart, as well as topping the nation’s Student Radio Network Chart, following their mini tour of Aotearoa.

Crying in the Office
I Might Disappear
The Cut
She’s Running
Best to Hate the Man

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