DC punks Gauche share new single “Flash” from upcoming album out July 12 on Merge

June 23, 2019
Photo credit: Jen Dessinger

share infectious new single “Flash”
A People’s History of Gauche
out 12th July on Merge Records

With their debut album A People’s History of Gauche out 12th July on MergeGauchebring us music and movement and struggle and light, and now it is our job to dance!  Jason P Barnett, Adrienne CN Berry, Mary Jane Regalado (Downtown Boys), Pearie Sol, andDaniele Yandel (Priests) find their agency and joy through creating and performing music together in 36 minutes of groove-filled power punk.

Gauche’s Daniele Yandel explains,“The flash of a camera flattens a scene. It makes the colors pop, but it also makes reality 2D. To see true depth, you have to wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. You can’t cheat time. That’s what a flash is: a way of cheating time and vision, and like all attempts to cheat, it cheapens the experience. It distorts the depth and detail of the scene captured. To truly take it in, you have to wade into the darkness and wait. Slowly, the scene lightens of its own accord, and the shadows appear. Shadows reveal truth. Shadows are how you see when you’re really in it.

The enormity of this world, our experiences, can only be inferred, implied by the edges of the frame. All that minutiae that the shadows draw out in layers upon layers suggest their smallness but also their ubiquity, their countless repetition in so many other scenes beyond this one just out of view. It is the shadows, the edges, the things that block and obscure our view, that show us the most. The elevated view, the flash, the horizon, the lines that lead onward—they are the things that deceive.”
 Director Alex Edelmann says, “The “Flash” video is connected to the “Conspiracy Theories” video by the camera I filmed them both with, a VHS Reporter, and through a location, the National Park Seminary. “Conspiracy Theories” and “Flash” are fraternal twins, very close but different in outlook.”

Revisit the singles for Running and Pay Day and pre-order A People’s History of Gauche in the Merge store or wherever records are sold on CD, LP, or limited-edition pink marbled Peak Vinyl, the latter of which comes with a bonus flexi of non-album single “Conspiracy Theories.”  Recorded with Austin Brown (Parquet Courts) and Robert Szmurlo in Brooklyn and with Jonah Takagi (Ex Hex) in DC, A People’s History of Gauche marks the first time the band worked with people outside of their ranks, resulting in a fuller sound that boasts more intricate instrumentation. From the very first line of album opener “Flash” – “Light’s supposed to show the way, not over-expose it” – Gauche are here to compel us to dance while singing along about society’s universal struggles.

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