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WESAYYES Release Debut EP “PARADISE WAITS” Out Now | EP Release Feature

May 24, 2019


May 24th is a date WESAYYES will hold dear. The highly anticipated and long-awaited release of the duo’s debut EP “Paradise Waits“, unveiled to the world and released today.

The London-based emogaze band WESAYYES are set to become your most loved act with their standout release.

In 2017, Taylor Hunt moved to London to pursue a work opportunity. At the time, Rishi Neal Arora (Signal Hill) had already been living in London, working for the same company as Hunt. The two like-minded musicians quickly became friends and started writing songs together. 

“Paradise Waits” was written in various London offices, rehearsal studios and apartments over the course of 2017-2018. The five songs explore ideas of escapism amidst a world in social, political and moral decay. Heavy guitars and drums set the scene, balanced by soft breathy vocals that act as narrator amidst a world in chaos.


  1. Drill
  2. Gypsum
  3. Tropic of Cancer
  4. Call Me Lightning
  5. Spirit Knife

The 5 track EP takes the listener on a groundbreaking journey. The record thrives on its ability to build such layered & textured compositions, providing a compelling and visceral experience throughout.

Paradise Waits” showcases the duo’s undeniable knack for writing irresistible full-bodied orchestrations with the perfect mix of melody and melancholy. Dreamy vocals, lustful lyrics and emo/shoegaze/post rock attributes, gathering momentum at every twist and turn.

WESAYYES have just cemented their impressive and promising future with this flawless record. Fans will be lining up to emerge themselves into this heavenly stand out debut. They’ve released something that will effortlessly become timeless, their EP will become a vital soundtrack to your world, a necessity to have.




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