April 28, 2019


Kid Kapichi release their commanding new single and video Glitterati, a commentary on social media, self-indulgence and an unquenchable thirst for decadence.

Vocalist Jack Wilson explains, “It’s a tongue in cheek look at the materialistic world in which we live, where Instagram culture rules and people’s want for the next outrageous thing grows and grows. We sing, give me the glitterati because what actually is the glitterati? Obviously the word has a definition but when do the people who crave it know they’ve got there? A thing? A feeling? It’s a search for the unattainable to fill a hole that will always feel empty when you try and fill it with that stuff” 

Glitterati falls ahead of the band’s support to The Blinders at London’s Scala on 30th April. It follows previous single 2019, which garnered support from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and Jack Saunders, and landed the band a live Maida Vale session last week, where they debuted their take on a Billie Eilish and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes mash up. This led to a personal invite from Frank, asking Kid Kapichi to play his birthday event at a secret location on 26th April.

2019 was also featured as John Kennedy’s single of the week on Radio X, and included on Kerrang! Radio’s A-List.

Hastings lads Kid Kapichi endeavour to create a sense of relief from modern struggles. Bassist Eddie Lewis comments “I would say although we all face these issues, we don’t necessarily want everything to come across as negative in our sound. Even though there’s a serious message behind the vocals in 2019, the songs is upbeat”. It’s this that makes Kid Kapichisuch an exciting prospect – the music provides a sense of escapism from their honest social commentary. The nightmarish, dystopian elements in their music are accompanied by blistering riffs, contagious melodies and arena-sized choruses.

With deep roots in the Hastings music scene, Kid Kapichi cut their teeth at local legendary venue The Tubman and regular appearances at local showcase Fat Tuesday festival. They worked from the ground up to support Slaves and the likes of Skunk Anansie. “I don’t think we’d exist if it wasn’t for the hastings music scene”, says Jack, “It really is that good. The competition down here is so fierce that you have to constantly up your game. Plus the people of Hastings are so unique it gives you so much to write about. Hastings just gives you the freedom to really go for it and act in a totally uninhibited way on stage. The crazier the better

The train tracks from Kid Kapichi’s journey are worn with pride throughout their sound, captured in Jack Wilson and Ben Beetham’s Hastings-native dual vocal, and their ability to create a sense of location with every song. There’s no better example than previous single Revolver, depicting a night out on the piss taking a turn for the worse with it’s sinister undertones but untouchably liberating melody. Somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, Ben explains “A few weeks after we wrote Revolver on the exact road in Hastings that the song’s based on, Jack and I got jumped by a bunch of guys and got our heads kicked in – so at least we know there’s truth in what we write about in our tunes haha

Live is where Kid Kapichi really shine, brimming with energy and euphoria and blurring the lines between Britpop and punk. Recent live highlights including support to Calva LouiseRat BoyFat White FamilyGurrFizzy BloodQueen Kwong and Pretty Vicious. “I feel each member of the band brings something to the table”, explains drummer George Macdonald, “I don’t feel like I’m at the back just playing the songs like other drummers might. We each get our spotlight. It’s great to smash them out playing in our heavy style whilst Jack and Ben’s vocal melodies create something catchy for people who might not be so into the heavy side of things. Our sound can be accessed by a wide range of music lovers”.

Having spent much of 2019 working on new music, Kid Kapichi will release their anticipated EP in July. More news to come soon.



30th April – Scala London (supporting The Blinders)
18th May – The Printworks, Hastings (Glitterati Release Show)
2nd August – Neverworld Festival, Hever

Jack Wilson – Vocals & Guitar
Ben Beetham – Vocals & Guitar
Eddie Lewis – Bass
George Macdonald – Drums

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