Clay Lake share video for ‘(As Far As My Feelings Go) I’d Rather Be Sad Than a Father of Four’

March 17, 2019

Clay Lake share video for 

‘(As Far As My Feelings Go)
I’d Rather Be Sad Than a Father of Four’

The tongue-in-cheek titled debut EP from the British trio is anything but a joke; including a poetry track among the ranks of the intricately produced tracks, The Manly Toughness Trophy holds a sincerity most new bands might be too afraid to bare. 

Clay Lake are a trio from Stoke, England. They consist of Tom Flemming (Drums/Vocals), Elliot Sheerin (Bass/Vocals) and Alex Bettany (Guitar/Vocals).

The band originated from the ashes of previous midlands bands in January 2016 and released their first single ‘Stitches‘, before supporting touring bands such as Funeral For A Friend, WSTR, Vicky Speedboat, Drug Church, Daisyhead, and more.

Last month we introduced you to this band and they continue to hook us. Creating refracting guitars, driving rhythms and harmonious vocals. Clay Lake are the UK’s own version of Algernon Cadwallader/ Sleep In/ Look Mexico rolled into one, their craftmanship and outlook is one to be desired. Easily one of the most exciting bands around at present.

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