Grunge and dark pop-infused rockers GHUM release ‘I’m The Storm (Alice Go Remix)’

October 15, 2018

Grunge and dark pop-infused rockers GHUM release
‘I’m The Storm (Alice Go Remix)’

Dance remix of recent GHUM single by Dream Wife guitarist Alice Go

GHUM have had an exciting summer, releasing the double A-side single ‘I’m The Storm / Undone’ through Everything Sucks Music, touring the UK and enjoying airplay from Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 6.

Fusing dark pop, goth and grunge, GHUM bonded with fellow London-based pop/punk rockers Dream Wife. Their guitarist Alice Go remembers how seeing GHUM live affected her.

“I first saw Ghum play at ‘Queer Prom’ earlier this year in Rotterdam and remember just dancing hard for the whole set. I remember saying to Jojo afterwards that I would love to remix a track sometime. I wanted to continue a conversation with this amazing band I just had the best time watching.”

“I approached the remix in the spirit of the feeling their live show gave me and my remixes often end up quite pumped,” explains Alice. “I did the mix in one long sitting during a long drive from the back of a tour van in America, and I got really in the zone. It felt good to channel this static pent up in the back of the tour van and channel that energy into this track for a band I’m really excited about.”

“I had a lot of fun with Ghum’s track, rebuilding sampling and warping the original files into this new sibling track that has some sub bass banger-feels,”Alice concludes. “This remix is about having a conversation between itself and the original. It’s about the transformation.”

The dance remix of recent single ‘I’m The Storm’ has been reworked by Alice Go into a club dance tune with a completely different result.

GHUM guitarist Jojo adds, “Alice told me in Rotterdam she’d love to remix one of our tracks and that her remixes tend to be in an electroclash style – instantly I thought, that would be amazing to hear ‘I’m The Storm’ in that way! I sent the track stems to Alice and within a week she’d already done a first mix. We love the direction Alice has taken the song and how she’s given it a Madonna club classic feel. It’s an absolute banger.”

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