Spanish Love Songs Release Video For New Song “Joana, In Five Acts”

February 3, 2018

John Lafirira

Spanish Love Songs Release Video For New Song “Joana, In Five Acts”

Schmaltz Set To Be Released March 30th
via A-F Records

Spanish Love Songs have just released a music video for their new song “Joana, In Five Acts,” premiering now via Substream Magazine. The song comes off of their recently announced new album Schmaltz, set to be released on March 30th on A-F Records (US) and Uncle M Records (UK/Europe). Substream Magazine says Schmaltz is “some of the most beautiful and personal storytelling to come from the genre,” saying, “from the first notes of the record, you feel completely absorbed into the universe that’s created by the constantly winding story that’s being laid out in front of us.” Pre-orders for the album are available now on via A-F Records and Uncle M Records.
Watch Spanish Love Songs’ video for “Joana, In Five Acts” now via Substream Magazine.

On the new record, Spanish Love Songs’ songwriter Dylan Slocum delves into themes of guilt, depression, and stagnation while he tries to come to terms with his past mistakes and feeling like he hasn’t yet grown past them. A quote from Slocum on writing Schmaltz can be found below.”This album is really all about guilt, and everything that’s wrapped up in it. Guilt over being self-involved. Over being depressed and what that does to the people I love. Of not being there for others or treating them right. Of not treating myself right. Of not doing enough for people before I lost them. Of getting old and still chasing the same dreams. Of being incapable of changing.

Everything else on the album is filtered through that lens. The album is about living with the guilt, and ultimately accepting it, because sometimes it feels debilitating, especially in this day and age.”

1. Nuevo
2. Sequels, Remakes, and Adaptions
3. Bellyache
4. Buffalo Buffalo
5. Otis-Carl
6. The Boy Considers His Haircut
7. El Niño Considers His Failures
8. Joana, In Five Acts
9. Beer & Nyquil (Hold It Together)
10. It’s Not Interesting
11. Aloha To No One

Tour dates:
04/11 – Las Vegas, NV – Evel Pie
04/12 – Denver, CO – Streets Of London
04/13 – Kansas City, MO – The Rino
04/14 – Chicago, IL – Downstairs (At Sub-T)
04/15 – Kalamazoo, MI – Shakespeare’s Pub
04/17 – Pittsburgh, PA – The Smiling Moose
04/18 – Toronto, ON – Baby G
04/19 – Montreal, QC – L’esco
04/20 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
04/21 – Brooklyn, NY – Cellar Lounge
04/22 – Boston, MA – O’Brien’s Pub
04/25 – Koln, DE – Stereo Wonderland
04/26 – Breda, NL – Claiming The Crown
04/27 – Munster, DE – Uncle M Fest
04/28 – Berlin, DE – Cassiopeia
04/29 – Braunschweig, DE – B58
04/30 – Hamburg, DE – Gangeviertel
05/01 – Prague, CZ – Rock Cafe
05/02 – Wiener Neustadt, AT – Triebwerk
05/03 – Burghausen, DE – Mathilda
05/04 – Montecchio, IT – La Mesa
05/05 – Zurich, CH – Obenuse Fest
05/06 – Koblenz, DE – Circus Maximus
05/07 – Bochum, DE – Rotunde
05/08 – Antwerp, BE – Boukenborgh
05/10 – Lancaster, PA – Lizard Lounge
05/11 – Washington, DC – The Pinch
05/13 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
05/15 – Austin, TX – The Mohawk
05/16 – Dallas, TX – Three Links
05/18 – Phoenix, AZ – The Rebel Lounge
05/19 – San Diego, CA – We’ll Tell You Soon


Spanish Love Songs is a five piece punk band based in Los Angeles, CA. They formed in 2014 after the demise of a previous band and a chance Craiglist post about lonely people looking to go to punk shows. Their sound combines the energy of drunken bar shows with the immediacy of intimate, lived-in lyrics.

Self released in 2015 (and later reissued on Wiretap Records), their first album, Giant Sings the Blues, chronicles singer Dylan Slocum’s mid-twenties through songs about apathy, anxiety, and a slowly disintegrating marriage, all told over fast drums and rousing power chords.

They are currently prepping for the release of their second album on A-F Records (US) & Uncle M Records (UK/EU). The band has spent the past two years expanding their sound both musically and lyrically, as evidenced by the songs on Schmaltz. More anthemic than ever, the band confidently tears through these songs in which Slocum turns his attention inward, trying to find positivity and self-acceptance in a world that doesn’t always feel like home.

It’s new territory for the band of so-called grouch punks, as they try to grow into the best version of the band (& themselves). They’ll try to enjoy it.

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