Caddywhompus Share “Decent” Video and Tour Dates

September 8, 2017

Ben Davis


Caddywhompus Share “Decent” Music Video

Odd Hours Out Now via Inflated Records

On Tour Now


Caddywhompus are sharing the video for “Decent” from the band’s recently released Odd Hours. The video was made in Houston during March of 2017 with Derek Beck, Jono Foley, Derrick Mitchell, and with help from Alexander Beck and Edwin Terrell. Almost all effects are in-camera or practical, the stop-motion animations – inspired by experimental filmmaker Len Lye – were projected onto two screens on either side of the band as they performed the song well over 20 times. Derek’s concept, the rotating mirror wall, was designed and built by Logan Beck and Rootlab and now lives at Ronin Art House.

The New Orleans duo of Chris Rehm (guitar/vocals) and Sean Hart (drums) have created their most focused and mature album yet, a glowing example of their growth as songwriters. On an album of jagged art pop, jazzy structures, and unbelievably kinetic energy filtered through an array of hooks and cultivated madness, Caddywhompus are at their absolute best, blazing through complex progressions with a warm pop-center.

9/09 – Narragansett, RI @ The Wheel House
9/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA

Praise for Odd Hours:

“the refined culmination of its predecessors; this stylistic tour de force rarely rests at the countless pit stops spread across its 40 minutes.” – Pitchfork

“That bigger, dimensional sound allows Caddywhompus’ psych-pop side to shine through, and Rehm’s vocals surface with newfound clarity … It’s classic Caddywhompus: a sharp, scattershot, tension-filled build-up, followed by a pause and a breath of air.” – Spin

“Chris Rehm and Sean Hart mine math-rock, frenetic punk and the bombastic end of pop to generate a signature, euphoric sonic boom.” – NPR

“There’s a darker shadow cast over “Splinter,” with its buzzy, morose introduction, but the major chord changes and Rehm’s triumphant belts and coos make this song epic.” – Stereogum

“New Orleans-based duo Caddywhompus isn’t one to go for simplicity. It’s hard to pin the band’s sound down, as Chris Rehm and Sean Hart craft songs that touch on everything from math-rock to psych to punk to freak-folk.” – AV Club

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