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No Better – Forget Me Not EP Special | Gavin Brown

August 22, 2016


No Better

Forget Me Not

Californian band No Better have a sound that merges lo fi indie with a more emotional blend of rock to create a feeling of melancholy with lots of melody. The bands new EP Forget Me Not is four songs that detail and tell tales of various relationships that have gone on in guitarist and vocalist Josh Oliver’s life and while the songs can be quite maudlin and melancholy in places there is a hopefulness that shines through overall.
Musically the band are influenced by Brand New and The Promise Ring and these two inspirations shine brightly throughout Forget Me Not and there is also a hint of Weezer too in both sound and lyrics not least on EP highlight Miracle.

Forget Me Not kicks off with the catchy Linger, an upbeat and straightforward song with that recounts a lost love with the title being self explanatory as to the tone of the song and starts the EP off well. It is soon followed by the highlight that is Miracle, a quirky track definitely reminiscent of Pinkerton era Weezer and would be a highlight if included in No Betters live set. The track has an angular feel about it but retains that catchy vibe despite an obvious melancholic topic for the song.

The more upbeat Better Man follows and has a big Brand New influence but all a hint of an American version of Idlewild about it and is the most passionate song on the EP with an inspiringly rousing end to it.
The also self explanatory titled Out Of Love finishes things off and despite the title has a positive feel about things and again, the song is catchy and tells another tell that so many people would be able to relate to, something that the band excel at, the themes on here are easily relatable and that is what makes the bands sound universal and easy to listen to.

Forget Me Not is a fine addition to the No Better musical arsenal and the bands tales of life and love will be adored by fans and the fans they will no doubt make when they hear the band here for the first time.

No Better- Forget Me Not available now via Ronald Records



Words: Gavin Brown

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