Misha shares new video for “Optical Illusion of the Heart”

July 13, 2016


Misha shares new video for
“Optical Illusion of the Heart”

All We Will Become out now
on Tomlab Records

“All We Will Become is filled with pop anthems and the correlating triumphant choruses that come with them…A unique sound while still fitting nicely into modern pop’s grasp. It sounds like the musical equivalence of youth and the accompanying awe at the world.” – PopMatters

“Raised in Texas, seasoned in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Germany, Chao developed a polyglot palette as hungry for tejano and norteño as it is Reich and Glass and Beyoncé and Autre Ne Veut. The dude has range.” – FLOOD

“waltzy and lushly orchestrated…” – UTNE Reader

Misha – the multi-lingual, experimental pop band from New York City – have unveiled a new video via Mxdwn.

Watch the video for “Optical Illusion of the Heart” HERE

The track is taken from All We Will Become, the highly anticipated second album fromMisha—the project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, J Chao with Australian vocalistRonit Granot and Amy Vachal.  All We Will Become is out now on TOMLAB – the label known for introducing The Books, Patrick Wolf, Owen Pallett and more.

All We Will Become is the first music from the band in eight years and is a follow-up to the band’s acclaimed Teardrop Sweetheart and finds Misha emerging from their hiatus with a bolder expression of the pop sensibilities introduced on their debut while incorporating influences as diverse and specific as New Orleans second line and Texas drum corps.

Written in the wake of his breakup with his partner and former bandmate, All We Will Become deals with Buddhist themes of reincarnation and renewal. “For me, the songs on All We Will Become are about the many ways love appears in our lives—from the heady rush to bittersweetness of endings—that cuts across culture.  And above all, a celebration of the endless possibilities all around us,” says Chao.

Chao wrote and performed nearly all of the music on the album, with additional contributions from vocalists Granot and Vachal, as well as members of the Long Winters and Lee Field & The Expressions.  All We Will Become was mixed by James Clarke, Jr. of Mirrorball Entertainment (Autre Ne Vuet) and mastered by James Krausse (Beyoncé, Nick Jonas).

Chao explains what it was about the musicians on All We Will Become that brought them together:

“We are this weird, kind of motley crew – but we all have this affection for pop music. And we all grew up with very specific deeply rooted musical traditions. Amy is half-Filipino, half-Caucasian-American, Jonathan grew up in the South, I grew up in the South and I am Chinese. So we started talking and there was this part of all of us that showed the same love of pop – really big bright melodies and catchy hooks. Yet we were all hankering for a project where we could bring our different influences together, the different parts of our background and find a new way of sharing sounds. ‘Optical Illusion’ starts with kind of a Texas drum corps and ends with this Brazilian drum part, which is the background of my other singer Ronit, and in-between it’s very pop.  So that’s what Misha represents: a way to combine fun, joyful expression of pop music but then sneak in these different influences that are a bit more unusual.”

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