Doubting Thomas Cruise Control Premiere New Single “Lenny Bruce”

August 2, 2015
Alycia Kravitz

Alycia Kravitz


Doubting Thomas Cruise Control Premiere New Single “Lenny Bruce” via Consequence of Sound
Sophomore album “Remember Me John Lydon Forever” set for August 14th release on Fleeting Youth Records

Announce Album Release Show + Tour Dates

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control are sharing “Lenny Bruce” via Consequence of Sound, the band’s epic new single from their sophomore full length, Remember Me John Lydon Forever. Due out August 14th via Fleeting Youth Records (Mumblr, Loose Tooth, ScotDrakula) and the band’s own Duckbill Records, the Brooklyn based quartet, comprised of Bobby Cardos (guitar/vocals), Chris Sprindis (bass), Sean Kelly (guitar), and Joe McCarthy (drums/keys) have created a record filled with dynamic indie rock and “slacker pop” or as the band prefer to call it “debt punk”.

Speaking about “Lenny Bruce,” Consequence of Sound shared their thoughts, “For seven minutes, the track builds with rampaging guitar solos and downtrodden drum rhythms, both eulogizing the song’s namesake and also aptly capturing a feeling of vulnerability and inadequacy. The length of the song only adds to the exhaustion the band is trying to express, throwing themselves into a seemingly endless and gorgeous jam session.”

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control’s Cardos offered his own insight into the song:

“When Robin Williams died I wanted to watch his stand up, but couldn’t find a special on Netflix and came across the documentary Looking for Lenny, which he was credited as being in. Unfortunately he was only in it for about 30 seconds (for some reason Henry Rollins had like 5 minutes of screen time? Who let that happen? Has Henry Rollins ever laughed? If he has, I haven’t seen it). But they talked about how Lenny Bruce would sneak recording equipment into his profanity hearings because he was paranoid that they were manipulating the court transcripts, and how a lot of people think his death photo was staged to make him look like a huge junkie and discredit his work. And that may be true, but there were also a lot people around him who knew how bad he was getting mentally and seemed to feel helpless in terms of what to do.

I’ve felt that way with friends (not with anything as hard as heroin, fortunately), where I sense something’s wrong but am not sure what to do about it, and also don’t feel in a position to say something because I’m not exactly a picture of sobriety either. That’s a tricky thing about living in a city like New York, where there isn’t as much stigma around drugs/alcohol. You can do those things a lot and not be an addict, but some people are and that juxtaposition within a group of friends is difficult to navigate. And when are you letting someone down by treading lightly, and is it for them or for you?”

A slow burning epic to say the least, “Lenny Bruce” is DTCC at their most expansive. Sprawling out over the massive indie barn burner, the song weaves and shifts with multiple guitar solos and a gradual intensity that never lets up. Remember Me John Lydon Foreveris a diverse record of guitar lead bliss, and this is but one chapter. The album is quirky yet heartfelt, snarling yet sincere, it’s an introspective record that carries themes of growing up, responsibility that comes with age, and life expectations, the thoughts of an artist watching those around them enter “adulthood” and as Cardos puts it, the persuit to “evolve from being defined by what you’re not and what you don’t ascribe to, and using that to figure out what you do ascribe to.”


Doubting Thomas Cruise Control are excited to announce upcoming tour dates in support of Remember Me John Lydon Forever throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Check out all the dates below.

8/13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium (Record Release) w/ Bueno, Left and Right, & Washer
8/15 – Philadelphia, PA w/ Left and Right
8/16 – Washington, DC @ The Dougout w/Fond Han & Two Inch Astronaut
8/18 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Big Ups
8/21 – Cookeville, TN @ Gnarlington Cemetery
8/22 – Bloomington, IN @ Crush Grove (Monon Day 2015)
8/24 – St. Louis, MO @ Melt
8/27  – Cleveland, OH @ The Happy Dog w/ Chomp

Having released a slew of EPs over the past few years and their full length debut back in 2012, this is DTCC at their absolute finest, a record packed with carefully constructed indie pop brilliance, clever songwriting and glorious barn-burning guitar solos too. Doubting Thomas Cruise Control have expanded on the slacker pop tag they’ve become known for,Remember Me… finds the band diving headfirst into heavier riffs, catchier hooks, and more dynamics from slow burning songs (“Laszlo’s, 3 AM”) to gentle indie pop (“Soft Focus”) and epic yet soul crushing ballads (“Lenny Bruce”). Remember Me John Lydon Forever is the sound of a band coming brilliantly into their own, flipping the script on everything you thought you knew while sounding warm and familiar in the process. It’s a breakout album from a hardworking band that never asked for anything more than to make music together.

Bobby Cardos’ songwriting throughtout the album is spectacular, a rare display of nimble vocal delivery with undeniable melodic clarity and a supreme catchiness at its core. DTCC’s sprawling indie rock calls to mind many of college rock’s finest: Pavement, Built to Spill, Silkworm, Harvey Danger, and Elliott Smith, but its the DIY scene around them that fuels their influences, peers like Fins, Washer, and Ovlov that keep the motivation alive.

Recorded and mixed by 1989 Recordings’ Dara Hirsch and Kegan Zema at Gravesend Studios in Silent Barn and mastered by Alex Saltz (APS Mastering), Remember Me John Lydon Forever is DTCC’s first album produced and mixed outside themselves, offering the band the opportunity to focus on their music without worrying about engineering the record .

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control met in the Bronx at Fordham University through working at the school’s alternative publication, The Paper, photoshopping 40’s into various Google image search results. They began playing together in late 2010 and moved to Brooklyn after graduating. Their name could have been Ed Norton Anthology, but it isn’t. Their diets are primarily grain and dairy based.



Remember Me John Lydon Forever tracklist:

1. Chain Supply
2. Nice Guy
3. Lillehammer [stream/embed]
4. Shed
5. Laszlo’s, 3:AM
6. Soft Focus [stream/embed]
7. Lenny Bruce [stream/embed]
8. Ghosting
9. Texas T

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