HAWK EYES ‘That’s What This Is’ EP set for release 19th August, 2013

July 4, 2013



‘That’s What This Is’ EP set for release 19th August, 2013

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Having released one of the most critically lauded albums within rock’s great sphere last year, Hawk Eyes are ready to sate the public’s appetite for riffs with new EP ‘That’s What This Is’. They will release the four-pronged rock assault on 19th August, just before they play on the Rock stage at Reading and Leeds festivals – their second year in a row performing at the festival.

‘That’s What This Is’ was written in November and December last year in between touring and existing. The drums were recorded in January in their friend’s empty studio in the freezing cold in Bradford surrounded by snow. They managed to choose the only place that was colder inside than outside. As Hawk Eyes recall “Steve suffered the most, the rest of us including Andy Hawkins who produced the EP were able to huddle around a few heaters in the control room. Steve spent hours in the freezing cold, well done Steven, we bought him a Mini Milk at the end.”

They also say “We were close to losing our minds at certain points.” It was certainly a hectic period of creation during which they were also penning material for their forthcoming second album since donning the moniker Hawk Eyes (having previously been known as Chickenhawk). Regarding said new album, it’s well underway and, as the Hawk put it, “It certainly isn’t reggae.” They’ve been working on material with the same team who produced this here EP – Andy Hawkins (Producer), Kev Vanbergen (Mixing), Rich Whittaker (Mastering).

‘Cheap’ from the EP has already been broadcast on Radio 1 as the Rock Show’s Daniel P Carter’s Track of The Week.

As ever, the band will be keeping busy with a relentless schedule of live performances across the country and beyond, following on from recent trips to the States for SXSW and to climes as diverse as mainland Europe and Japan.

Forthcoming live dates –

July 5th – EP Fan Show, Packhorse, Leeds

July 14th – DV8 Festival York

August 9th – Wakefield, The Hop

August 10th – Boardmasters, Newquay

August 13th – System Of A Down Support – Lodz, Poland

August 15th – Pukklepop Belgium

August 16th – Beta, Copenhagen.

August 17th – Highfield Festival

August 21st – System Of A Down Support – Amsterdam, Holland

August 23rd – Leeds Festival

August 25th – Reading Festival

October 12th – Haddow Festival Edinburgh

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