Valleyarm Digital Media Distribution Presents: Absolute USA Punk Rock Compilation Interview [Feature]

November 29, 2011

Throughout the past month we have been promoting an upcoming Punk Compilation curated by Valleyarm Digital Media Distribution and the hard work of Matt Diewald- a man who is passionate about his musical taste. With many featured artists already recognised names here at Circuit Sweet; we have been bringing you closer to the release and closer to the bands with in-depth interviews and more. The compilation preview can be found NOW streaming on all of the featured Valleyarm compilation posts. All these posts leading up to today, the release of the compilation which you can listen to below.
Valleyarm Digital Media Distribution to Release Punk Rock Compilation
Globally November 29th, 2011 (TODAY)
From the basements and living rooms of countless young people in America, punk rock has taken a surprising return to the underground of today’s independent music scene. Today’s punk boys and girls have stopped focusing on the commercial possibilities of punk music, so they can set their sights on what really matters: the music.
Combining a love for DIY-ethics with the accessibility of the internet, a new scene of kids were learning to play music and share it with their friends in the same way it had been done in the 1980s and 1990s. Bands and fans broke down barriers to form relationships both professional and personal. The goal to just have fun became increasingly attractive to those who were sick of a public that doted on rock stars.
1. Banquets – Fireplug
2. Rooftops – Raft Easily
3. Snowing – I Think We’re in Minsk
4. Fugue – White Tiger of the West
5. You Blew It! – Hope It’s Not a Deposit Bottle!
6. Small Brown Bike – In Need of Everything
7. Jet Set Sail – The Definitive Guide to Jet Set Sail
8. Arrows – Surely Not? Afraid So
9. Monument – Goddamned Claw Machine
10. Leave Let Be – You Don’t Touch Me
11. Over Stars and Gutters – They Left a Note
12. Dowsing – …And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note
13. Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) – Rally the Troops! Poke Holes In Their Defenses! Line Our Coffers with Their Coffins
14. Pessoa – Wellohwell
15. Duck, Little Brother, Duck! – Steve Jobs (All Is Fun Until Someone Gets Stabbed)
16. Prawn – Wesley’s Pipe Dreams
17. CSTVT – Cities &  Memory

We started our interview feature with opening band on the compilation, Banquets; you can revisit their interview here.  Following this was our interview with You Blew It! and this leads to the final interview set to be featured, an interview with Arrows…

Brisbane based 4 piece Arrows consist of Anthony, Scott, Anders and Carl. Signed to Hobbledehoy Record Co; the four provide powerful post rock with emotion and talent at the centre of each composition.

Arrows are post-rock balladeers without a filter. Unconventional “rock” instrumentation over bombastic / receding harmonies. Desperately reaching vocals which roll ceaselessly between pop & depravity. Round this out with a strong DIY ethic, dive-in. 
The band’s self released demo was released back in 2006 followed by a successful 12″ vinyl EP release in 2007. Arrows are favoured afar after their debut album ‘Modern Art + Politics’ gained them critical acclaim and a much bigger fanbase. Two years after the release the band recorded ‘Try + Stay Upright’ which captured that intense power they easily create.
We find out about their Australian roots and the rewards from being in a successful band..
  • As the only band on the compilation from Australia, in what ways are you similar to the American bands and in what ways are you different?

Aside from the obvious point of my accent, in Australia we grow up listening to a lot of American music so there is certainly a strong influence on our sound in that respect, but we also draw on more classic Australian bands too.  There is definitely a strong story-telling element and working-class hardship sentiment in a lot of Australian art and that’s something we probably bring to our music too, although I wouldn’t consider that a uniquely Australian element necessarily.

  • Who would you cite as your earliest influences? And what about your biggest influences?

When we started playing together our big influences were Mineral, Blueline Medic, Pedro the Lion… bands like that.  Nowadays I find myself being most influenced by what’s happening locally or interstate with friends’ bands more than anything else.  Whether it’s with respect to the sound, the sentiment or the ethic, there’s always something special to be gained watching good friends perform around the country and it keeps us inspired I think.  Bands like To The North, Headaches, A Death in the Family, Following Sea, to plug but a few!

  • In what direction do you see Arrows going? If you had the opportunity, where is the first place Arrows would tour?

I guess lyrically Arrows is changing a bit as I am getting older and more jaded.  Music-wise I think we are happy to just run with whatever comes up, we’ve never really sat down with the intention to write in a certain style or whatever.  I think more and more we have the confidence to write whatever feels good and put a bit of an Arrows touch on it.  If we could tour anywhere, the first place for me would be to do Europe because of the diversity of cultures and countries you would see in a short amount of time.  We are really keen to get to the US though, UK would be great too!

  • What aspect of writing and playing music is the most rewarding?  Why?

When people enjoy the songs, sing along at shows or come up and talk about different lyrics and their take on things and what ails them, it’s rewarding to think that you have brought something into their life that they enjoy or identify with.  I use writing as my own release so I can unburden myself and go on with the rest of my day with that side of my shit out of the way, and I use other peoples’ music in the same way.

Interview Curated By Matt. Thanks to both Matt and Arrows!

You can now Listen to the Compilation streaming below-

Absolute USA Punk Rock Compilation

Absolute USA Punk Rock is teeming with un-jaded, unbridled excitement from men and women who just want to create music together, and that’s what makes this release so refreshing. Veteran punks Small Brown Bike fit nicely next to younger bands like Pessoa, Banquets, Over Stars and Gutters, and Snowing. CSTVT, You Blew It, and Australia’s own Arrows re-invigorate the style while maintaining their own unique punk.

The Absolute USA Punk compilation is out now!
The 17-track compilation comprises of independent, punk up-and-comers sourced from all corners of the US of A and Australia.
Streaming above get your copy NOW.
Get More from Arrows-

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It's been a pleasure working with Matt and seeing this compilation reach release, this isn't the last you will hear from this..

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