Cloudkicker goes Acoustic- It’s inside me, and I’m inside it [Single Stream]

July 4, 2011
Regularly featured Ben Sharp- an instrumental, avant-prog metal, one-man project hailing from the Columbus, Ohio better known as his outfit Cloudkicker- has uploaded a whole new apporach, new side to his envious talent, check the new acoustic single streaming below.

It’s inside me, and I’m inside it.
It’s inside me, and I’m inside it. by Ben Sharp
“It costs me absolutely nothing to create the music. Zero dollars. I record all the guitars and bass straight into my laptop and program the drums using this one sequencing program, then I mix and master everything myself. The only thing that costs money are guitar strings, but I have a full-time job so it’s no big deal.”
Listen to more from Cloudkicker via the bandcamp, where all albums are available for free-

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