November 14, 2010
As of midnight, when the date changes from the 14th of November to the 15th- A years hard work and continuing effort, leads up to this- the release of our debut EP- EP IC.
I cannot stress the support we need, to those that know everyone within aulos, you will know that aulos is our lives.
We are a family. We have and will continue to sacrifice a lot in order to keep aulos progressing. We work all day everyday for “our family”. 
For those that believe what we do is easy, you are mistaken. Its ongoing hard work getting to where we need to be, but with your support, you can help us evolve. We need you.
For just £5 you will recieve a beautifully packaged CD (artwork by Leemun Smith of Kraffichs/ Castrovalva) containing 5 tracks.
  • Wolverines Pt. 1
  • Wolverines Pt. 2
  • Etchasketchasaurus
  • Wolfcastle
  • Nick Rage

A 30 minute journey of shimmering guitars, ground-shaking bass and thunderous drums fused with circuit bent madness, synths, gameboys, lapsteels, cellos and electronics!

Oli Montez – Guitar/Electronics/Lapsteel
Josh Lamdin – Bass/Cello/Keyboard
Harvey White – Drums/ Synth
Recorded at Shed Studios, produced by Jonn Marsh & Aulos.
Management: Naomi Preece @ Circuit Sweet
Reblog. Repost. Tell your friends. Family. Neighbours. Students. ANYONE just help us get heard.

Upon purchase you can recieve a cheeky badge to represent and a numbered copy.

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